Radek Hampl

Chief of Organization & Business development
Czech Republic
Mentoring focus:
General Career Guidance & Soft Skills, HR/Recruiting/DEI, Management & Leadership, Sales/Business Development/CX
I'm here to be your ally on your journey of growth.
I bring expertise in business development, process implementation, and leadership. But more importantly, I'm committed to supporting your ambitions and fostering your development.
My mentoring style is rooted in open-mindedness and meaningful discussion. Together, we'll explore your goals and challenges, crafting strategies tailored to your needs.
At the end of our mentorship, I aim for you to feel confident and prepared to navigate the opportunities and changes that lie ahead. Know that I'm always here to provide guidance and inspiration as you progress.
Looking forward to supporting you on this path 🙂

I started as a headhunter in a recruitment agency and specialized in higher technical positions. As an HR Specialist, I went on to Alza.cz where I looked after the marketing departments and then 2 logistics warehouses along with employing people from third countries - Filipinos, Indians, and Taiwanese. My first task after joining Bonami as an HR Specialist (later as an HR Business partner) was to completely reorganize the logistics - building a new warehouse and transportation team. Later, I set up the staffing of the branch network from structure to payroll. After I was put in charge of the branch network as Head of Retail, I stabilized the entire business case (both business and process-wise) and expanded the competencies of all consultants and store managers concerning functioning towards the customer. I am now in charge of A to Z bespoke kitchens including the physical studio and the B2B team. Both are business lines from which we grow 100%+ assuming a healthy business. I am also in charge of the HR department where my main task, apart from process reliability, is to earn the neglected trust in HR, increase engagement, and satisfaction, and guard the company culture.
I feel strongest in starting up new parts of the business across the company, or fixing and rebooting where necessary.

Also, I am co-founder of No Neke which was the first second-hand retail store in the premium shopping mall in Czechia.
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