Ricardo Luiz

Group Product Manager
Mentoring focus:
General Career Guidance & Soft Skills, IT/Tech/Product, Management & Leadership
Ricardo is a Product person with more than 15 years of experience in the SaaS B2B world. He studied Computer Science for a short period and then went on to graduate in Neuro-Cognitive Science opening the doors of the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) world in an Augmented and mixed reality company where he started his career. With a passion for patterns and analytics, ended up taking a Post-grad in Business Intelligence just for fun while already working full time.

Traveled around the world to deliver projects and products all the way from China to Mexico, with stops in Singapore, Qatar, Kuwait, Europe, UK and USA.

For the last few years, he has helped organizations and teams to understand why good products are only achieved when companies understand their users and market, so they know how to add value to current propositions and create new products that people pay for.

Has helped teams grow from 0 to 20+ people and enjoys helping people grow by stepping up and taking lead or manager positions, and achieve their full potential brings, being in work and in the Scouts. Has helped companies that grew from 100 to 1000 people and went from 5M to 100M ARR and close to 1B in valuation.

Loves to listen to customers' pains and needs, involving them in the solutions he comes up with. He believes working together with business, design, and development is key to achieving the best results

Besides his formal training, Ricardo is a very active member of both UX and Product Manager communities in Europe and owns some certifications like the Norman Nielsen UX (NN group), several Product Design certifications from Interaction Design Foundation and has recently completed both Design Thinking Practitioner and Co-Creator certifications from IBM.

Ricardo has also mentored dozens of UX and Product people, gives talks about Product and UX, and is the Creator of some training workshops on subjects like Design Sprints, Prioritization, Product Research & Discovery, and Usability Testing.
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