Sandra Dostalikova

Senior Manager, Search Data & Quality
  • Studied in Berlin - had an internship at czech embassy, liked living in berlin, switched to e-commerce, found her place at kayak - competitive analyst, became a team lead, took over another team - total 5 people,
  • Male-dominated, technical role, didn’t feel comfortable at first, however gained confidence and would like to help other women do the same
  • Leadership- enjoys leading people in a sensitive manner, gives freedom to her team and flexibility. She would like to mentor in this area, helping leaders strengthen their bond with their teams and lead them sustainably.
  • Project management- she is good at organising processes, analysis, tools, leading people to completion of a project. She dabbles in product management, support for eng. team, data analytics and data management. She is happy to mentor in this area too.
  • Soft skills - confidence, progressing in a career, having the right attitude, go-getter mindset

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