Souhila Chetouane

International Operations Manager
An energy industry leader with experience managing large capital energy projects end to end with a focus on driving delivery and continuous improvement initiatives and added experience in the environmental, social and governance disciplines with a proven ability to develop high-performing teams. I have a strong background in petroleum engineering and understanding of the energy industry regulations, processes and procedures from exploitation and production, transportation and storage, to refining and marketing. My experience in oil and gas, being highly complex, capital intensive requiring state of the art technology and people skills, has armed me with the right tools to support my career trasition to the low carbon industry. I've had direct experience in climate change and decarbonization strategy development, specifically with GHG accounting standards (such as the GHG Protocol, ISO 14064) and experience conducting GHG inventories, setting targets, and developing decarbonization pathways; including a deep technical understanding of decarbonization mechanisms and waste to energy technologies facilitated by my strong background in process engineering. I've been actively following the climate debate and the need for the energy sector to transition to a low carbon economy. I'm passionately concerned about the environment and see energy companies as allies in the fight for climate change. I'm interested in international sustainability best practice, social performance and sustainability frameworks and standards (e.g. GRI, SASB, CDP, UNGC) I lead various initiatives within the energy sector providing career guidance, mentoring and coaching to young engineers to help bridge the gap between education and the world of work; combined with my experience as the Society of Petroleum Engineers Chair of Diversity and Inclusion, Aberdeen section both led me to found “STEM Diversity” in 2021, a not-for-profit organisation lead by STEM ambassador volunteers working to ensure underrepresented groups and minorities in the energy industry can access equitable career opportunities through skills based one-on-one mentoring and coaching. Contact me if you want to get involved. Specialties: #Bioresource Engineering, #Biochar, #Biomass to energy, #Process Engineering, Carbon Recycling, #Biofuels, Regulatory Compliance Environmental & Social, Sustainability, ESG, Corporate CSR, Energy Sustainability Opportunity Scheme reporting, Carbon audits, ISO 50001, Product Development, STEM mentor and career coach, Diverse and inclusive leadership, Project management, Renewables.
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