Victor Zaud

Senior Director, Product Design
Disney Streaming
United States
Mentoring focus:
Design, Entrepreneurship, General Career Guidance & Soft Skills, HR/Recruiting/DEI, Management & Leadership, Marketing
A veteran leader working at the intersection of business, technology and design, Vic brings big picture strategic thinking and positivity to the teams he leads now at Disney - creating the next generation streaming and entertainment systems that millions of consumers use everyday.

Educated originally at ArtCenter in Los Angeles and by his early tenure at Apple in the original creative group where both long-standing brands and software interface design was born, he learned that to create something truly great, testing is important to validate ones ideas and vision but vision and passion drives them.

Backed by a belief that businesses thrive when they make strong connections with their audiences, Vic turns every challenge into opportunity and bridges the gap between innovation and execution.

Vic understands the importance of insight, intuition, and belief in solid concepts for products that people will love to use. He inspires and guides teams to perform with best practices for creativity balanced with kindness and respect for individuals. The teams he creates have been lauded as both highest performing and productive as well as long-standing employees in companies.
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