Is your workplace inclusive?

Many employers claim to have diversity and inclusion at the top of their list of priorities, but reality can often be different. Many employees at these seemingly inclusive companies don't enjoy enough respect, support and representation. Is your workplace truly inclusive? Take this short quiz and find out!

Why D&I matters


How much better diverse teams are at making decisions


Millennial employees actively look for D&I when choosing potential employers


How much more engaged millennials are likely to be at inclusive companies

How mentoring can help you with D&I efforts

  • Employee engagement
    Everyone is different and has different career challenges. Through a 1:1 approach, you can help everyone grow in their roles.
  • Retention
    Investing in your employees shows that you care about them. They will be more likely to stay with you longer.
  • Recruitment
    By introducing mentoring as an employee benefit, you will be able to recruit diverse talent that cares about an inclusive approach to people development.
  • Equity
    An inclusive workplace cannot exist without equity. Mentoring helps all individuals to have equal access to opportunities.
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