Read about the experience of our mentees

Katerina Letal Dohnalkova
Learning & Development Specialist
Pivovary Staropramen (Molson Coors Beverage Company)

It was an amazing journey full of new experience, ideas and perspectives. I was matched with a great mentor to achieve my goals.

Martina Brixí, HRBP/HR manager at
Olga Pincova
Education, Training & Partner Care
Neit Consulting s.r.o.

If you know what do you want to achieve, to have mentor is like go there by super fast car with the best navigation ever. Without mentor it can be like using wheelchaire and lichen navigation.

Ursa Pejovnik, SMB and Inside Sales Director (CERTA region) at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Petr Rozkosny
Area After-Sales Care and Apple Service Manager
Smarty CZ a.s.

Mine opened my eyes. She is quite a kind, patient, empathic, and inspirational coach. By simple tasks we troubleshooted the root cause of my gaps, and I can clearly tell I am a different person now. We connected on a personal as well as professional level. These 12hrs helped me to find the path I want to walk on, and live up my values and life purpose.

Mine Dedekoca, Chief Happiness Officer at Start-IST & Happy work Studio
Glorybeth Castillo
Functional Consultant
Oracle Czech

I really learned more than what I expected from the program. My mentor Lucie was able to push me outside my self-doubts and help me gain confidence in putting-into-action the insights I learned from her. I also have a lot of takeaways that I can apply in everyday life.

Lucie Chmelikova, Expert Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group
Joana Delgado
Product Research and Product Manager

I was made redundant on the same day I received the email letting me know you have found my mentor, so the objective that I had set - to secure a new job in 6 months - was even more important for me to achieve. Within 6 weeks I got an offer, and started in my new company little over 2 months after the mentoring sessions with Tony started. Forever grateful for all his guidance and support.

Tony Csemet, Product Leader at McKinsey
Daniela McFarren
EU Public Affairs Manager

Great program! My mentor match was perfect.. absolutely helpful and essential in guiding me and giving me support, practical advice and encouragement. The workshops were also practical and interesting.

Radka Lang, Policy & Communications Director at MSD
Evelin Biro
TA Specialist Digital & eAdmin Strategy
Swiss RE

I am very grateful for my mentor, Blanka. She fully understands my problematics and helps a lot to achieve my goals. :)

Blanka Hladka, People & Culture Leader at IKEA
Michaela Ondrejka Menouskova
Owner, CEO and Lead designer
A-styl atelier, s.r.o.

Doing business and not having friends or family that are on the same ship is hard. They don't understand your passion and your drive.
And then you come along FP and their amazing mentors, like mine, Lenka - you have got your support group, your mentor and you know instantly, you'll do just fine.

Lenka Ondruchova, Founder and Owner at Queens
Laura Brady
Head of Brand & Creative at Fairo & Mentor & Events at Femme Palette

The Femme Palette Leadership course is excellent and a big thank you to my leadership mentor - Ayelet. The defining moment for me was becoming aware of my personality type  and how to harness these traits to become a successful leader. I understand more about myself, and with Ayelet’s help in particular, I have transformed the way I approach leadership. Through multiple different sessions, the Femme Palette course equips you with tools and the motivation, and best of all, you meet other inspiring leaders - that have now become my friends! I would recommend this course to any future or current leader.

Ayelet Halamish, Senior Project Manager at Wargaming
Sarka Loffelmannova
HR Specialist

When I was thinking about changing my career, the Femme Palette program was the first thing I thought of. The whole program is really well organized - from connecting with a mentor to the meetup events throughout the year. I went into the mentorship program as a complete beginner with the goal of at least learning a little bit. After 6 months I can say that thanks to the mentoring and especially my amazing mentor Míša, I have exceeded my own expectations. In the beginning, I didn't even believe that I would be able to learn the necessary programs in a few months and today I have my own portfolio, and Míša and I are looking for a suitable agency to start working with. When I replay the last 6 months in my head they have been fun, full of new challenges, projects, and experiences. I have already recommended the program to several of my friends and will continue to recommend it because I honestly think it is worth it!

Michaela Fiasova
Ayan Ali
Junior Frontend Developer

Over the 12 mentoring sessions, I have learnt and developed in many aspects of my career and personal life. Through the program, my mentor has helped me switch careers successfully, grow confidently and improve on my overall personal development with increased focus and ambition. It’s a wonderful experience to learn from the experience of my mentor and have the support and guidance, especially when switching careers and starting from the beginning again. I’ve learnt a very important lesson: the power of learning from and reaching out to others who’ve walked the path before you.

Bruna Tofani Laureano, Team Leader Developer at Hotsmart
Iveta Acton Kališová
Product Manager

Thank you to the FP team for matching me with my amazing mentor, who was not only understanding of my fears and insecurities connected to my new position, but also very helpful when guiding me through the current challenges and beyond. The most valuable, action-filled feedback stems from honest and deep discussions, so don't be afraid and enjoy the ride, you might make new friends for life. :)

Martin Javier Stojka, Managing Partner at Jimmy Technologies
Veronika Šťastná
Lifestyle Product Manager

This was my first experience with mentoring and it was great since the beggining. I am very greatful that FP matched me with Barbora and we could share this experience together. My mentor is super skilled  and she guided me very well with every single topic that I needed. Thanks to it I am more confident at my job and I can look at some tasks from different perspective.

Barbora Gerslova
Roxana Nica
Content Specialist

I cannot be more grateful for having Maja as my mentor. In these past six months I have definitely become more confident in my role and learnt more about myself as a leader, but also as an individual. Every session, Maja was there to support and advise me, with a smile and a positive attitude. I can say that I achieved a lot in terms of my SMART goals and I feel I know my strengths a little bit better now. I definitely recommend the FP Mentoring Programme, everything went smoothly and the  whole experience was very valuable to me.

Maja Seggerman
Zuzana Dobrovolná
Team Leader and Project manager
Bureš & Partneři s.r.o.

Misa, as a coach, and I met via the FP Coaching & Mentoring program.  Our goal was to discover which mentor is the best fit for me and what are my current life challenges. It felt very natural to talk to her openly. I especially appreciated that she had observed my organisation style and changed some of her coaching techniques to match my needs. She made me feel comfortable, focused and inspired me to work even more. I liked that her professional experience was an amazing fit for my current path as well. Her superpower is the way how she listens to you. Overall, Misha is an open-minded, pro-skilled coach who will discover your needs and motivates you to change.

Renata Dvořáková
Karolína Poliaková
PR Manager
Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT)

Míša is the best, I had a tough day and she lifted my mood and gave awesome tips that gave me confidence and instructions on how to proceed with negotiating better/different terms at work :)

Michala Gregorová
Daniela McFarren
EU Public Affairs Manager

My mentor Radka, has worked with me to finally have a proper development plan, clear goals, and a path to accomplish my short a long term ambitions. She has also been my sounding board and guiding me in difficult situations. I am learning so much from her and I had no idea how valuable a mentor can be, until this program!

Radka Lang
Renata Ouředníková
Head of Production
Women for Women

Olga je skvělá mentorka a já jsem nesmírně ráda, že jsem ji díky Femme Palette potkala. Pomohla mi se začátkem, který byl pro mne velmi těžký a nasměrovala mne kam dál, dala mi spoustu informací a hlavně ten správný pohled na situaci. Její zkušenosti mne obohatily a hlavně dodaly kuráž. Bohužel se nám do mentoringu vloudil koronavirus a celá pandemie, tato situace byla i pro mne velkou komplikací a tak jsem musela mentoring úplně zastavit a domluvit se s Olgou. Pomalu se vracíme do běžných kolejí a doufám, že je vše na lepší cestě, abych se mohla i já začít věnovat svému cíli v mentoringu.

Olga Maximova, Head of HR&Shared Services in Czechitas, ex Head of consular section at British Embassy
Anna Markova
Business Development Manager
Aquamarine Spa

Mentoring s Ursou byl naprosto perfektní! Byla neskutečně inspirativní a díky ní jsem dokázala vyřešit svojí složitou pozici ve firmě a získala jsem povýšení. Mám velkou radost, že jsem se na mentoring přihlásila! Ani jsem nečekala, jak moc mi mentoring může pomoct.

Ursa Pejovnik, SMB and Inside Sales Director, CERTA region at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Vera Severinova

Belinda mě podpořila v mých předvánočních aktivitách, dala opět tipy pro online i offline aktivity a eventy, nasdílela zajímavé kontakty, jak v oblasti prodeje, copywritingu, tak třeba doporučila, kde sehnat stážistu. Velkým přínosem bylo průběžné stanovování cílů, takže jsem neměla tendenci oddalovat oblasti, které jsou pro mě něčím náročnější. Bylo to velmi přínosné, jsem nadšená, že jsem měla tak zkušenou a pohodovou mentorku, která se nakonec stala i mou zákaznicí. Inspirace mám v zásobě ještě na dlouhé období dopředu.

Belinda Filippelli, Owner & Founder of GoViral LLC
Lenka Duongova

I must say that I am extremely grateful for Katarina. I feel like I still have a lot of work in the future but I cannot be happier to go along this journey with her. Not only has she helped me with my goals but also confidence in my work. She has become an amazing friend of mine. Thank you for pairing me up with her. :)

Katarina Pepichova, Creative Producer & Art Buyer at Calvin Klein
Darja Pelechova

My mentor Jana is very understanding, she helps me visualising my goals and supports me. Also, as some of my priorities have changed, we managed to change my goals, so that they are more valuable for me at the moment. I look forward to every meeting and I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

Jana Turcovská, HR Partner at Faculty of Information Technologies
Olga Bures Vrbikova
Founder & Publicist

What would that heavy lockdown period be like If I was not participating in this programme in parallel? Luckily, that question never received as much attention as those 33,5 hours of valuable workshops, seminars, and discussions. All packed with wisdom, authentic experience, and more than 12 female mentors and experts shaping my soft skills. I am thankful to Femme Palette for inviting me to its very first Leadership Programme. Those four months meant smooth step by step clean-up of my working table and every single session turned my new mindset into real acts starting with the very next day. Thanks to the FPLP I feel way more secure not just within all my decisions and managing the team but in celebrating them as well.

Adela Hynkova, ex- Head of Tobacco heating products Northern Central Europe Area at British American Tobacco
Katerina Grebenova
Head of HR

The possibility to participate in Femme Palette Leadership program came just in time when I decided to move forward in my career. By all means, all the perks of this program (workshops with respected lecturers on topics that matter for leaders, our group discussions and precise match with my mentor) helped me to navigate throughout my first months as a manager and leader. Thanks to this program I have met great group of likeminded ladies from diverse industries and functions. And what more, they are my friends now!

Renata Mrazova, Chief People Officer at Home Credit International
Veronika Trifonova
Order Management Senior Teamlead Belgium
Anheuser-Busch InBev

Leadership Program for me was an incredible opportunity combining a group of inspiring professionals seeking to be better, an amazing mentor I would have never met otherwise and coaches that were there to give us their best. It’s just a perfect mix of people, knowledge and events’ formats. I think the combination of all the factors made the program potent and impactful. Besides new knowledge and practical tools, I got to experience what it means to be a part of a community of other women-leaders. Even though we came from diverse professional backgrounds, we had much more in common than one could think at first. The ladies in my group were always present in the moment, curious, open-minded, supportive, honest and willing to do the work. You just can’t help but feel empowered and inspired when you are in a place with such a high concentration of like minded professionals who want to learn, grow and do better.

Ursa Pejovnik, SMB and Inside Sales Director, CERTA region at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Lenka Drbalova
Content & Sustainability Manager

It was invaluable for me to be able to talk with my mentor Kate Funk about things regarding the team or the different situations I was facing throughout the six months. I was also inspired by the drive other women in the program had to learn and grow and to see that the things we are dealing with are often similar no matter our background and that we can learn a lot from each other. Since my mentor lives in Florida, we had our sessions online, but we really clicked from the very first one. I learned the importance of having to lead myself first before I can be of any use to anybody else. We went through our Gallup test results which helped me understand my strengths much more and I also got many great tips for hiring as it’s something I’m also responsible for in my team.

Kate Funk, HR Director at ShipMonk
Charlota Blunárová
Design Lead

I was very excited after the first chemistry session with Alice, during which she talked about her experience from London, returning to Czechia, and starting in a new work environment. Alice’s story felt like a sneak peek into my own future and allowed me to visualize my prospective career. It showed me what elements of my current life I can replicate in another cultural or professional context. For that reason, I am very grateful for this match! I would also like to add that both of us work in consultancy but in a very different field. I am in design and Alice in finance. She works with CFOs, whilst I usually work with clients in marketing and product. Previously, my mentors were from the design industry, design leaders with years of experience and expertise in my field – so it was helpful to have someone like Alice with a completely different background. Surprisingly, many of the topics overlapped, e.g. team and client relations.

Alice Machova, Partner, Financial Accounting Advisory Services; Climate Change and Sustainability Services at EY
Maria Camila Ordoñez Morales
Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner

So far, mentoring has been one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. I was very lucky to have Jakub as a mentor. I appreciated and value his knowledge, effort, patience and empathy to guide me in my journey into programming. I still feel motivated to learn programming as I was at the beginning and that is also because I have an amazing mentor! Thanks a lot!

Jakub Stary, St. Software Engineer at UNCOMN
Dominika Zogatova
Data Analyst

Michaela helped me change my life in many ways in the past few months. Her advice and guidance have been crucial in my personal development and career progression. There is no limit to what one can achieve and mentoring is the support I needed to chase my wildest dreams. I did not only gain a phenomenal mentor but also a great friend. Thank you Michaela for being such an inspirational woman. Big thank you to Femme Palette for doing such a great work.

Michaela Malatin, Project Manager at RedHat
Eva Vaculikova
Application Manager
Národní knihovna České republiky

Femme Palette is a great visionary innovative enterprise on the market, full of bright inspiring people. For everyone, who wants to learn new skills, to network with outstanding professionals, leaders as well as incipient ambitious enthusiasts, to learn how to make an enterprise or who wants to become a leader, I recommend to go for a Femme Palette lecturing or leadership program. For me, lectures given by Petr Holik was a marvelous life-time experience. Within 12 lectures Petr has carefully navigated me through basics of programming skills in few languages (HTML, CSS and Python) and Git system in really brief time. The content of the lectures, personal skills of my lecturer, as well as personality fit was a great job. In the end I want to thank Femme Palette for making a cutting-edge projects to support women in learning new skills and in helping them become entrepreneurs leaders they want to be. I want to thank Petr Holik for being a great professional patient and warmhearted teacher. It was a marvelous transformative life-time experience. Femme Palette and Petr Holik, thank you very much. :)

Petr Holík, Freelance Software Engineer & Entrepreneur
Michaela Kreckova
Employee Care Manager
Phonexia s.r.o.

I consider mentoring as one of the most powerful tools for personal as well as professional development. And I am really grateful I was matched with Roderick. He is an enthusiastic professional, kind and empathetic, always well prepared and 100% focused on his client. Roderick helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and how to use them in different situations, how to get the best out of it and out of myself. Every single session was enriching. He has always pushed me just right with his questions or tasks so I could find the right direction by myself.

Roderick Lambert, Executive Coach
Mia Kurekova
IT Recruitment Lead
Altersis Czech Republic

In January 2019 I promised myself, that this year will be about self-improvement, personal growth and that 2019 will be my year. I signed up for Mentoring Program and little did I know how fast everything will get better. Not only I had the chance to meet my amazing mentor, Terka Machackova from productboard, who helped me navigate the ravaging rivers of recruitment with her know-how, insights and pro tips how to stay focused and get results, but also many other inspiring ladies (and few gentlemen) who all became part of my professional life and I could not imagine not being inspired by them every day any more.Mentoring Program gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and change things - I was feeling that I should do the brave decision and follow my heart to new career path. And I landed a position as IT Recruitment Lead in almost no time. Not only I am super happy that I got the chance to become who I wanted to be professionally for a long time but also I got confidence to say that even if the role is brand new to me and there is still a lot to learn I can always reach out to my mentor for support and help if I need. Mentoring program gives you the boost of support you need, and it can really help you change things around.

Tereza Machackova, Talent Partner at Credo Ventures
Kristýna Červená
Recruitment Team Lead

I am glad that I joined the Femme Palette mentoring program. It pushed me to work harder on achieving my goals, set a vision, explore my strengths, and gain confidence. My mentor went through similar challenges as me, so we could support each other along the way. I believe our sessions were inspiring for both of us. I recommend the mentoring program to everyone, who is willing to go the extra mile, step out of the comfort zone and do something for themselves.

Martina Jašková, HR Business Partner at Footshop s.r.o.
Monika Visnova
UX/UI Designer

I applied for mentoring program and was almost immediately connected with my mentor Petr. My goal was to switch career from architecture to UX design and get a full-time job within six months. Petr was a great guide while I was working on my own project and helped me navigate in the UX world while I was applying for jobs and going to interviews. I’m happy to say I managed to reach this goal and now I enjoy my new role in Slevomat.

Petr Sevcovic, UX Designer at Avast
Tatiana Rybachuk

I participated in FP Mentoring program (Design). I really liked the whole organization of the process, starting with the first emails and ending with the selection of mentors. At the beginning of the Program, my mentor and I defined the main goals, and within three months they were achieved. Pavel, my mentor was very competent, attentive and of course an expert in his field. To everyone else who doubts about participation in the Program, I can honestly say, don’t doubt! That is a cool trip, very useful for self and career development.

Pavel Kroupa, UX Designer
Mako Ueda
User Experience Researcher

I signed up for the mentorship program when I was at a crossroad in my career. I knew I wanted to change my career path, but I didn’t know what or how. From the get-go my mentor, Michaela, worked with me to discover my vision and find the clarity that I needed. We started off by taking time to reflect on my past experiences, my strengths and weaknesses, and what I wanted my life to look like in the next year. This helped me narrow down the list of different careers I was taking into consideration and hone in on my focus. Michaela asked the hard questions that pushed me to think about what it is I truly wanted out of my professional career, and most importantly, why. Every session, she came prepared with resources (books, connections, and industry knowledge) that helped me tremendously. But more than anything, having a mentor who was caring, understanding, and genuinely wanted the best for me made me feel safe and supported. Our bi-weekly sessions gave me something to look forward to and held me accountable to follow through on my tasks to ensure I was making progress.

Michaela Malatin, Project Manager at RedHat
Victoria Borisch
Freelance Communications & Marketing

Mentoring is something I had been looking into but hadn't fully committed to yet. When the COVID-19 lockdown began and my workload decreased, I decided to make the most of the extra time I had on my hands and invest in myself. Setting specific goals was hard because I had so many ideas and wasn't sure how to put them together in a way that made sense. Femme Palette found me the perfect Mentor in Vilma. She has been so incredibly supportive and has helped me turn my ideas into a plan. More importantly, she helped me dig deep to discover what I truly wanted to focus on in my business rather than what I thought I should be. Her insight and perspective have been invaluable and I'm really proud of what we've achieved in our time together (and we're only halfway through at this point!). I also really appreciate the structure of Femme Palette's mentoring program. It has helped me break down my goals into smaller steps that can be achieved despite my busy schedule. It's really helped my business move forward.

Vilma Kazdova, Marketing Manager & Distribution Brands Expert
Julia Gumeniuk
PR & Communications Specialist

What a mentoring journey I had with Kvetka Gerslova! I'm so happy I got her as my mentor in the marketing area. I learnt the basics, got hands-on experience, and completed several courses in digital marketing. Kvetka also showed me several marketing tools with exact examples on how to use it (what was extremely useful for me, as it was much better than just reading theory). Interesting that our first and last mentoring meetings took place during 2 different lockdowns. However, we had a chance to meet during the summer, and we'll keep in touch in future to update each other on our career growth. I'm grateful that I found Femme Palette mentoring program and enrolled; still can't believe how the program boosted my confidence and skillset!

Kvetka Gerslova, Marketing Strategist and Executive at MoroSystems
Denisa Zidekova
Brand Manager CE
Procter & Gamble

I was part of the mentoring program last year. My goal had been to deepen my knowledge of digital marketing and Lucie and Klara found a perfect match for me. First of all, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my mentor Thiago. He was very dedicated, open to share his expertise and he encouraged me to learn new skills in digital marketing. Step by step, we went through the whole of the digital ecosystem. He gave me a valuable connection and I was able to also educate my team in the company about the new channels in marketing. He helped me to shape the digital aspect of the media plans for my brands and become a more performance-driven brand manager.

Thiago Carvalho, Lead Customer Success Manager / Paid Social Marketing Manager / Performance Marketing Manager
Kristina Ivanova
Senior Financial Controller
Lidl Česká republika v.o.s.

I would say it´s finally nice to have a rolemodel and also a cheerleader in one person, who believes in you, wants the best for you, leads you in new places and shows you the world of options. And who understands you. So I´m happy for that :)

Anita Bela, Human Resources & Client Relationship Management
Juliana Arbelaez Gaviria
Research Assistant

Radka has been a great mentor and inspiration. She has played an important role during this period, not only in my professional career but in my life. I appreciate a lot the balance between tasks and materials. Her suggestions about books and videos have been strategically supporting my journey.

Radka Chobotova, Project Coordinator at United Nations Agency for Migration (IOM)
Dana Pick
Managing Director

I have very good mentoring sessions with Katerina! I think we fit well as mentor and mentee. Katerina is being very helpful and leading the direction well. Her advising is always relevant and her guidance is leading us to my goals very well. Katerina is super positive and her meetings are always done in a pleasant atmosphere.

Viktoriia Rozsokha, Creative Strategist
Aneta Bublova
Head of department of communication

I am glad to have participated in Femme Palette mentoring program. The FP team matched me with a great mentor Matěj, which I would like to say thank you for his great guidance, valuable inputs and straight-to-the-point mentoring style. He helped me to realized important milestones and values which helped me to set out goals and vision that really matter to me. Just after one session I have realized I need to work on something different than my original goal and thus I did not stuck to the plan and commit myself to open my mind to different approach. Thanks to the program I have changed my attitude towards work and also I have clarity for how I want to live and I do trust in every step on my journey.

Matej Krejci, Founder of
Anna Vaneckova

I initially wanted to try mentoring as I felt needed to work on myself more from the professional perspective. I was matched with my wonderful mentor, Lucie, who is from the same field as I am (law) which made my experience so much more valuable. She understood the struggles of the profession and was able to offer some great insights. Together we worked on my work-life balance, leadership and my soft skills, all of which I put into use everyday at work. While there is still room for improvement, I feel that I have came a great way since my first mentoring session with Lucie. Thank you, Femme Palette for organizing such a wonderful match.

Lucie Karalova, Lawyer
Barbora Spacilova
Country Director

I am very thankful to Femme Palette for organizing the program and matching me with such a great mentor. Although Amanda is still very young, she is exactly the right person, able to provide me with great sales guidance as well as cheer-up whenever needed. And as I live abroad, I can say that it works remotely as well!

Amanda Mataija, Sales Account Manager at HPE
Michelle Robins
Web Developer, Creative Storyteller, UX + UI + Content

Evin is has been such a valuable and lovely mentor, guide, and friend. She's such a ball of sunshine, always giving pieces of wisdom casually as if it doesn't cost anything! She's so self aware and genuinely kind. I wish we'd met sooner! Together, we've worked through internal struggles and limiting beliefs, and I've built up enough information to realize that the original goal I set for myself isn't truly what I wanted. So we pivoted around the small disappointments and she helped me regather myself so that now I'm stronger and facing new challenges with more confidence than I had before. :)

Evin Shamma, Recruitment Business Partner at Cielo Inc.
Helena Davis
CEE Manager
Soulmates Ventures

Over the past 6 months I feel I have grown in many aspects of both my personal life and my approach to the career path ahead of me. Thanks to the situations I have been guided through my confidence has grown enabling me to become a more effective negotiator. I have learned how to approach problem solving in different and more effective ways. Added to this I feel now able to develop and apply my thought processes to achieve both the goals I set myself and the targets set for me. The Mentoring Program run by Femme Palette is something I would recommend highly to anyone wishing to achieve and surpass their life goals.

Michaela Plesnikova, Program Manager at Google
Veronika Kasperová
Product manager

I don’t know how you did it, but I think that my mentor Terka and me are a great match in terms of what I want to achieve. We get along very well also on a personal level and I really enjoy our cooperation and whole mentoring program. The hour long session we have bi-weekly always flies so quickly! Well, time flies when you are having fun... I am very glad that I signed for the mentoring with Femme Palette.

Tereza Reznickova, Founder of EdGenio, freelance Product Manager
Petra Linhartova
Team Leader Collections & Cash Allocation
Ingersoll Rand

I am really appreciative of Simona and what we have been able to discuss together. Her genuine but at the same time direct approach has forced me to think about things I would not have thought of myself otherwise. I was able to get a different point of view without losing my own perspective. And after each session I was left with a lot of "food for thought" and usually found myself thinking about the previously discussed topics multiple days after. To conclude, so far I find this program very benefical and am glad I made the decision to participate!

Christina Patoulia, Finance Manager (Order to Cash / Credit) at MSD
Veronika Fialova
Strategic Account Manager

I was super happy to have opportunity joining FP cohort focused on leadership. Even though I am not leader myself I have gained a lot of useful tips how to navigate within different environments and situations which are occurring on daily basis and which one will face in the future. Hearing inspirational speakers, working with my mentor and getting new connections from the local market also helped to decide and move back to Czechia after couple of years abroad. Thank you to the all facilitators and organizers for all your hard work.

Inna Khlon, Sales manager at Google
Iveta Acton Kališová
Product Manager

I cannot be happier that I have Martin as my mentor! He's experienced and willing to share his learnings, he's smart, professional and easy to talk to. He went the extra mile and has been preparing for each of our sessions, recommended both inspiring literature and new tools to check out, so there is so much to learn for me, I feel slightly overwhelmed! :) I really cannot complain, only that we are too efficient at going through topics I originally suggested (so I am running out of ideas), but we are able to come up with new and new topics to discuss together, which is supercool. I am looking forward to the rest of our sessions, I believe I will be a better PM at the end. :)

Martin Javier Stojka, Managing Partner at Jimmy Technologies
Demet Dokmecier
Content Manager

It has been a great experience so far and I truly appreciate the sessions with my mentor. We are able to tackle daily problems as well as work on broad topics that help me grow in the leadership position. She is always great at giving insights and suggestions, she helps me see different perspectives. I always leave the sessions with action points that I can apply during the following week, and find myself handling similar problems better after the sessions. I also trust her and appreciate her honesty. I feel that our sessions are naturally conversational and transparent so I share my thoughts easily as well. Namely, I have been very happy with the sessions and already feel that I have grown in certain ways.

Tereza Ticha, Early Talent Program Manager at Red Hat
Laura Blažková
Business Development & Account Manager
Femme Palette

The experience is great. Katya is amazing, experienced and I enjoy talking to her. She is helping me build my confidence, gives me great suggestions for improvement, discusses with me sales strategies and communication. She reminds me that sales take time and brings me back to the earth :) Her communication style is fantastic! She is straightforward and kind, a great combination! It is so great talking to a professional, especially woman, who is in the sale industry! She understands my struggles and we always find a way to move forward and develop.

Kateryna Keretsman, Head of business development at Rossum
Petra Moravcova
Global Shapers Prague Hub

I was so lucky to have the best I could ever wish for - thank you so much Lucie for your time, your relentless energy, inspiration, piece of advice, and just naturally great attitude! I have learned so much from you! I think what I am the most grateful for beyond the mentor-mentee thing is that I got a 24/7 amazing friend with whom we share similar views, values, and passions! To sum things up, taking part in this program has been an absolute highlight of this year!

Lucie Neumanova, CEO & Co-founder of Femme Palette