2023 Holiday gift guide: 16 gift ideas from female-founded companies to save you stress

Written by
Femme Palette
Published on
December 4, 2023

Stuck for gift ideas for this holiday season? Well, we’ve got you covered for the third year round now! Check out our selection of female-founded companies whose products or services make the perfect gift for your loved ones! Choose from stationery, beauty, fashion fun items by local designers, a special pre-holiday voucher offer from us at Femme Palette, and so much more!


Abraka is a Slovak brand of locally-produced, eco-friendly fashion. Their collections celebrate an active lifestyle and feature intricate designs in bright colour palettes. Choose from their offer of leggings, thermals, or even swimwear or underwear as a perfect gift for someone who likes to keep active.


Adolphinata offers an assortment of hand-crocheted and knitted bags in a large variety of bright colours, sizes and designs. Whether you gift someone their cute airpods holder or a full-size handbag, the beautiful designs are bound to put a smile on their face.

Alisia Enco

Alisia Enco was founded with the belief that clothing transcends language and serves as a universal form of expression. The heart of their fashion brand lies in empowering women with creativity and confidence through a range of shirts that carry stories—each shirt is a unique canvas that conveys powerful messages, beautifully weaving culture and style into its fabric. As a special gift to our community, Alisia Enco offers 10% off your order when you use the code alisia10.


Founder Martina Svadbikova started Bellarose as an e-shop in 2009 while on parental leave when she wasn’t able to find tasteful home decor on the Czech market. Bellarose now carry a wide selection of Scandinavian home design items, from decor to beautiful kitchen utensils or textiles.

Corpus Lingerie

Corpus is a brand of body-positive hand-made underwear using certified bamboo. They boast a range of minimalist designs in beautiful colours. Combined with the satisfyingly soft material, items from Corpus make the ultimate comfort gifts.

Femme Palette

Want to give a valuable gift with long-lasting benefits this year? Look no further than our Femme Palette gift voucher offer! Invest in your loved one’s professional development by purchasing a Mentoring program voucher for them, enable them to build their financial future with our Financial Wellness event voucher, or gift them a voucher applicable to any of our paid events. Give a gift that counts!

Flam label

In its founder’s own words, FLAM is a fashion label for women seeking quality and originality. Their minimalist yet bold designs are crafted from organic cotton, and besides the offer in their e-shop, FLAM also offer the option of custom sewing. Choose a truly special piece for a special someone!


G.Bar is not just a beauty salon; it's an international beauty community with 46 locations in 12 countries and thousands of like-minded women globally who aspire to be confident in their own skin and dedicated to pursuing their dreams. If you’d like to gift someone a chance to be pampered, G.Bar offers gift certificates which can be bought physically at any of their locations or via their Instagram. Also, you can sneak in a gift for yourself - in collaboration between our communities, Femme Palette fans get access to special beauty sets available any day of the week - just use the code GxFemmePalette when making an appointment!

Give me Sundays

Jigsaw puzzles are anything but boring! Not convinced? Check out Give me Sundays - a Berlin-based brand of challenging-yet-fun jigsaw puzzles in beautiful bright-coloured designs. Gift this to a friend or special someone and then join in on the fun building the puzzle together!

Klara Rott

Klara Rott’s eponymous cosmetics brand offers natural organic cosmetics inspired by the founder's own skin struggles and the solutions which helped her solve them. The brand emphasizes the high quality of natural ingredients that go into their products, making them suitable even for problematic skin.

Konsent e-shop

Giving a pretty gift while also helping fight sexual violence against women? Sounds perfect! Konsent is a vocal and recognized Czech-based non-profit aiming to educate about sexual violence and make our society a safe space for women. Support their cause by visiting their e-shop and choosing from their offer of fun notepads, posters, or popsockets.

MANKAI paper

Another stationery gem, MANKAI paper utilizes founder Marketa Jinochova’s original paintings in their offer of designer cards, notepads, calendars, and so much more. At MANKAI paper, you can get both your gifts and your wrapping sorted in one place.


Printintin is a female-owned stationery company co-founded by Martina Duskova, one of our mentors at Femme Palette. Besides their own range of authored products, the printintin e-shop also carries a curated selection of other niche stationery brands for you to choose from.


Period panties make a wonderful and practical gift. If you’re looking for a high-quality brand, you should absolutely check out Sayu. With beautiful designs, their period underwear is designed and produced in the Czech Republic with Europe-wide shipping, and made from mulesing-free merino wool. A truly luxurious gift!

S-wert design

Another tip for Berliners (or any design lovers): S-wert design carries a selection of beautifully designed fashion, stationery, and interior decor for fans of the German capital city, and lots more too! From fun T-shirts for all age groups to playful coasters, S-wert design has your gifting needs covered!


The Yoga-day eshop started out when founder Petra created a unique diary for yoga enthusiasts. Since then, it has grown and expanded to offer original, hand-made products for yoga and wellbeing fans. Choose from crystals, candles, jewellery, and so much more!

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