5 tips how to build your personal brand as a freelancer

Written by
Oksana Muse
Published on
June 12, 2024

Building a personal brand doesn't require you to be Marie Forleo, Joanna Penn, or Brene Brown. Even small steps can significantly enhance your presence, attracting the right clients and opportunities. Below, I share key strategies using my own experiences to guide you in building your personal brand effectively.

1. Niche down. 

Clearly defining your niche is crucial. Identify specific areas where you excel and can be recognized as an expert. Reflect on your passions, interests, and strengths. When I updated my website's "My projects and experiences" section, I organized my past roles into four industry categories: hospitality, travel and tourism, fintech, and food and beverage. This helped me evaluate my achievements and preferences, shaping my future in marketing.

2. Craft your value proposition. 

Distinguish yourself from competitors by developing a compelling Brand Value Proposition. Analyze the strengths of your peers and identify gaps you can fill. For instance, my diverse background in multiple industries and my multilingual abilities—fluent in English, French, Czech, and Ukrainian—set me apart, alongside my soft skills, copywriting and video production expertise.

3. Select appropriate communication channels. 

Choose platforms that align with your industry and niche. A well-maintained website can host your portfolio and client testimonials, while social media platforms like LinkedIn can showcase your professional interactions. Ensure these tools are prominently linked in your business communications.

4. Elevate your content.  

In today's saturated media landscape, high-quality content stands out. Leverage your strengths—whether in writing, speaking, or visual presentation—to produce valuable content. My journey from school newspaper writer and TV morning show editor to marketing professional underscores the power of consistent, quality content in building a brand.

5. Leverage events and PR. 

Engaging in industry events and public relations can significantly expand your network. For instance, my involvement in Femme Palette mentorship and events in Prague has been instrumental in developing lasting professional relationships. If direct networking is daunting, online platforms such as LinkedIn provide alternative avenues for connection - engage with others' content, share your own insights and build relationships.

And remember, consistency is key! Maintain a consistent brand across all your channels - your website, social media profiles, visual identity and messaging that reinforces your professional image. And over time, when you Google your name, you'll be amazed at what your potential clients and employers will find to convince them to work with you. 

Bonus Tips

If you read this far, get rewarded with my favorite sources of inspiration when it comes to personal branding. 👇

1. Elaine Welteroth teaches “Designing Your Career” at Elaine is an American journalist, editor, author and television host. She successfully balances her professional roles with marriage and motherhood. My personal takeaways after attending her Masterclass were

✔️Create a mind map and blueprint of all your career or business goals

✔️Work your style - from hair to outfits

✔️Build your network

✔️Build a vibrant presence on social media and beyond

2. Natasha Hatherall, the British founder and CEO of the Dubai-based PR and communications agency. As far as I can see, LinkedIn is her main platform for developing her personal brand. My takeaways from analysing her profile are

✔️Invest in professional photoshoots 

✔️Make your work-related posts motivating

✔️Use your skills to the max - writing books, organising events, setting up an agency etc - show your potential from different angles 

3. Olga Andrienko, VP of Brand Marketing at the US martech company. After subscribing to her online course on personal brand development, I understood the following

✔ The fastest way to succeed in personal branding is to find a strong brand you'd like to represent 

✔️Be active on LinkedIn, including authentic posts, sharing your professional opinion, reacting, commenting

✔️If you're an employee, present your achievements directly to your CEO; if you're a freelancer, referrals, a polished website, an active social media presence and effective networking should be part of your strategy; if you're a CEO, take care of your company's brand first, as it's intertwined with your personal reputation.

And the main takeaway from all these examples is - take action! So small steps, the right direction, professional help, consistency - sooner or later it will work its magic. Let’s go?

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