Oct 1, 2021

Christmas gift guide: support female-founded companies

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for a family member, partner or friend? We have you covered! We put together a list of female-founded companies offering gifts for everyone from tech enthusiasts to fitness freaks and makeup lovers. 


Loono is a team of young medical professionals educating people about prevention of oncological and cardiovascular diseases, as well as on reproductive health. Their charitable e-shop offers a range of beautifully designed items such as mugs, t-shirts and even a yearly planner for 2022. Proceedings go to supporting the educational activities of Loono.

Z lesa

Looking for instagrammable handmade products? Z lesa is a shop offering their signature soy candles which are handmade from natural ingredients and come in decorated ceramic jars. Take your pick or choose from other gorgeously scented products!


Pacer is a Prague-based boutique and online shop carrying a curated collection of brands from California and Europe who prioritize sustainability. Aside from this, they also offer individual styling consultations so that every customer can feel like the best version of themselves!

Czech Deck

Delve deeper into Czech culture! Czech Deck is a set of limited design playing cards that reveal local tips, useful phrases, fun facts, and hotspots in the Czech Republic. Each of the suits educates the player on something different - useful Czech phrases, day trip ideas, Prague hotspots or fun facts and traditions.

Kniha na celý život

How to lead a healthy lifestyle that’s also sustainable? Get inspired by the beautiful cookbook Kniha na celý život. This is a guide for everyone interested in health and prevention and contains as many as 100 recipes which are quick to prepare and perfect for the whole family.

Femme Palette

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone feeling stuck in their career, or just needing more support in reaching their goals, look no further than Femme Palette’s special Christmas offer! Choose from several vouchers for our programs and receive them packed with a free tote bag and notebook. The gift of mentoring is invaluable!


Is your loved one annoyed by constantly having to use plastic bags when shopping for fruit and veggies? Relieve them of this and do something for the environment by gifting them Frusack bags. These reusable bags come beautifully packaged in colorful sets and make shopping so much easier!


A perfect gift for any tech enthusiast! Educational platform Czechitas offers vouchers to be used for their courses. These allow participants to build a wide range of technical skills from coding to data analysis. 


Know the feeling? You want an erotic aid, but the idea of buying one or getting one as a gift, let alone using one, is embarrassing to you. The intimate products by Whoop·de·doo are full of tenderness and purity. They approach the topic of sexual health with sensitivity. Time to end the embarassement!


Give the gift of a comfortable and care-free period! Snuggs is a Czech brand of menstrual underwear using the latest technologies and giving the feeling of ultimate comfort. Sounds good, right?


Circlle offers beautifully designed and super comfortable activewear which is also friendly to the planet. Choose from their offer of sports bras, leggings, and even swimwear. Make your loved one feel great while they work out!

SlowFemme Guide to Slow Fashion

Beautiful clothes always make a great gift! However, it can be hard to make choices that won’t harm the planet in these fast paced pre-Christmas weeks. Luckily, Slow Femme magazine has put together tons of tips on slow fashion brands to choose from. Check them out!

Líčírna Organics

Calling all makeup lovers! Líčírna Organics is a unique store offering exclusively organic makeup and skincare products from a wide range of brands. Gift somebody one of their gorgeous gift sets. Just a warning - you’ll probably end up treating yourself too!

Darinčino mýdlo

Of course we couldn’t stop at just one cosmetics recommendation. Darinčino mýdlo offers freshly made skin and hair care products scented with gorgeous essential oils. These products make self care a joy!


Mindset are a Prague based group of ceramists and designers united by one simple goal: Make mealtimes beautiful! They use design in which beauty is radiated through various colors, the ample use of natural materials, minimalism and functionality. Their unique pieces are truly a perfect gift!

Bisqit store

Bisqit is a porcelain studio producing small series of applied porcelain and ceramics. We focus on the method and link between simplicity, utility and beauty. You will love their products!

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