Jul 8, 2022

Coaching myths that can keep you from succeeding

Have you heard that coaching sessions take a lot of time to show the results? Or that coaching is only for people who have problems?

These myths about coaching might be widely spread, keeping you from getting in touch with a coach and succeeding in your professional and personal life. I've talked with three coaches who told me more about coaching myths and opened up the truth.

Myth: Coaching is only for people who have problems or who can’t succeed on their own

One of the first and most common myths about coaching is that coaches can only help people who have some issues. The myth suggests that people who are already successful don't need a coach. But how is it in reality?

"Years ago, many people viewed coaching as a tool to help correct underperformance or to "fix" people", explained Jana Weinberg, Career and Life Coach. "However, things have shifted considerably since then. The goal of coaching is to help others realize their potential. Everyone has the ability to improve, and coaching can help bring about that change."

"In fact, coaching helps the good and the best to get even better. Coaching works best for motivated performers who want to achieve even more or feel stuck in certain performance or behaviour areas. Coaching is often used to support good performers who are facing difficult challenges. Leaders moving into new roles with greater responsibility are avid users of coaching", added Jana.

Myth: Coaching sessions are tailored for Senior Managers and leaders

Another coaching myth anticipates that coaching sessions are made only for Senior Managers and leaders. The truth is everyone, no matter what job position or life situation, can benefit from coaching.

Lusine Tsaturian, ACTP ICF Life and Business Coach, shared with me, "You don't need to be a Senior Manager or a leader to experience a coaching session and get the best out of it. You need to set a goal and have a need to achieve it. And coaching helps greatly here. It helps your brain to build the intention, to move towards goals that your body doesn't know how to achieve yet."

"In my practice, I often meet people who don't know what to do and haven't found themselves yet. Some decided to change their job, but don't know which area they should look for something new; some are ordinary Managers and realize that this is not what they want. But they don't know what they actually want and can't help it. Here comes the coaching that helps to understand yourself and find answers to all the questions. We all have the answers inside. A coach helps you discover them."

Lusine added, "One of my clients realized what he wants to be, outlined a strategy, created a plan and already opened his private practice and found clients just in 10 coaching sessions. From the very scratch. With a complete lack of understanding of what to do in the beginning. These are the miracles that happen in coaching, and these are available for everyone who wishes to change their lives."

Myth: It takes a lot of time to see results from coaching

Many people think that coaching sessions take months or years of your life before bringing the results. Misa Kozinova, Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor, told me why it's a coaching myth:

"Coaching is known to facilitate change, and people perceive that that change takes time. When you think about it, the time when nothing changes is much longer. Staying in the status quo and repeating old habits take time. Coaching, in fact, helps people to identify how much didn't change till this day, and allow them to start changing."

Misa added, "Change can happen quickly, even in the fields where you wouldn't expect it or didn't have a goal to change anything. People seek coaches as we can help people get unstuck. That's like a flip - one minute you're stuck, and then you are not. Same as turning on the light, coaching sessions bring the A-HA moments that are instantaneous."

Myth: Coaching is the same as mentoring

The last but not least coaching myth states that a coach does the same as a mentor. What's the difference between mentoring and coaching and why it's another common coaching myth?

Misa explained, "Coaching and mentoring are the same in terms of success, as both are derived from the client's commitment, curiosity, ambition, and hunger to learn. But it is very different in terms of where the knowledge is coming from. In mentoring, it is the mentor who has the knowledge and, it is, therefore, the mentor who does most of the talking. You know you have a good mentor when he/she can quickly judge where you stand and provide you with what you need."

"In coaching, it is the client who owns the knowledge, learning, and insights as the resources come from within. The coach helps bring that knowledge to life and helps the client get access to their own resources. You know you have a good coach when YOU do most of the talking, when what you are saying is new to you, and when you don't feel judged whatsoever."

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