February 23, 2023

Getting the most out of the summer break

Wish you had a proper summer break, same as at school or university times? Shame we can’t travel back in time and enjoy three months off! But today, having full-time jobs and many responsibilities, summer is still a slow season, with many vacation days to take. It means you can still have some time off and use this summer break to your advantage. So how to get the most out of your, even short, summer break?

Create your personal SWOT analysis 

Have you heard of the SWOT analysis before? This analysis is widely used in organizations to analyze what the company already has and does well and locate further growth opportunities. Same as the company explores its resources, you can use this method to analyze yours. 


Draw a square and then split it into four areas that will be your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Give yourself some time to fill it in properly. Remember all strength points you have (for example, organized, communicative, positive). Then, without judgment, fill in your weaknesses. The exercise shouldn’t demotivate you but give you a picture of where you can develop.

Opportunities and Threats come from the external world. Name in the Opportunities everything you’d like to do and try but didn’t do before. For example, a public speaking course that will help with your weakness of being stressed on stage. Threats are also external factors that can block you from these opportunities, for example, if the course you dream of is too expensive and you need some time to collect the right amount.

The result of the SWOT analysis will show you what you’re good at, what you should work on, and ways to achieve what you want. Then you’ll be able to buy the learning course or attend the event perfectly tailored to your needs, with proper analysis and reasoning behind it!

Get yourself a mentor or a coach

Did you locate the areas of development but now not sure where to start? One of the options is to open Google and find all possible related courses, books, and articles. But what if your summer break is limited and you want to spend this time the most efficiently? Consider getting yourself a mentor within the area where you’d like to develop. The mentor will show you the possible ways of achieving your goals and provide you with the best available resources.

You might know that you need some career change; but, you don’t know where to develop and what goals to set. In this case, get in touch with a coach who will help you get your thoughts straight. Remember, that coach won’t provide you with exact To-Do steps but will guide you to your answers. Would you like to try it out? Check the Femme Palette Coaching + Mentoring program and spend your summer break right.

Allocate several hours to learn

Bet you would like to spend the summer just doing nothing. We all want to lay on the beach, swim all day long, and don't think about careers. But remember – the day has 24 hours. If you allocate at least one hour from that day to read or listen to the online course, by the end of the week, most probably, you'll finish the book and the course and will learn something you didn't know before, and will still enjoy your vacation.

Are you struggling with setting priorities? When allocating that learning hour(s), don't think about how hard it is and that you would better spend this time watching some movie. Better think of the result. Why do you need to read that management book? Or why do you want to complete that coding course? The reason and the end result must motivate you, as you imagine getting a promotion or landing the dream job. You can always combine useful and pleasant - for instance, by reading the book next to the swimming pool!

Don’t forget about your hobbies

Getting your dream job shouldn't be just hard work, especially in the summertime. Don't forget about yourself and your hobbies. It's proven that hobbies positively affect the career: the American study found that people who engage in creative activities perform between 15 and 30 percent better at work.

Do you like to draw? Or do you enjoy riding a bike? Same as with learning hours, make sure to allocate some time for your hobbies. Don't forget what you like and what makes you enjoy this life. Your hobbies will also help you to relax better and cope with stress. That's the best you can wish for when getting closer to your dream job and getting through all the obstacles ahead. That's the summer break spent right!

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