Jul 8, 2022

How coaching can improve your life planning

Have you ever thought of writing a plan for your life, thinking in what direction your career should develop? Or do you think it's not required and better to live every day as your last day? I have discussed the topic with Professional Life Coach Kristina Škrabalová and realized that life planning is nothing you should be skeptical of, but on the contrary, give it a chance and embrace it. 

What is life planning and why it’s important 

Many of us think that once you plan your life out, you'll lose all the joy and freedom as you'll need to follow this plan at every point of your life. However, it's not about that. Take a life plan as a guide whose goal is to remind you of your personal values, career dreams, and what's most important for you right now. 

It's not required to write a life plan precisely to the date and time when something needs to happen or when you need to be promoted, but better to mention general points and not be afraid to make changes. We develop in life – it's clear our values can evolve, and plans can adjust. It’s possible you can dream of one career today and completely change your values and direction in 5 years’ time. 

Kristina Škrabalová says, "If you want to be the creator of your life and not just a manager of your life circumstances, life planning is absolutely essential. To be in charge of your life's direction, you need to know where you want to arrive, what business to work for, or what position to hold. It is like getting into the car not knowing where you want to go; not knowing the address or the GPS of the place you want to reach.

That is why it is crucial to sit down with yourself and find answers to questions such as "Where do I want to see myself in 20 years?" or "What do I want to achieve in my life?" And then, once you know the answers, once you know what your final destination or your GPS is, you can start planning how to get there. And here is when the life planning starts.  

Without such a plan, you will be just wandering randomly as an abandoned boat being pushed and pulled by the wind and not getting anywhere really."

Ask a coach for life plan guidance

Do you already have a life plan including your career development but would like to improve it? Or are you just about to start drafting it? You can indeed find many resources online and offline, in many books, texts, and podcasts; however, it's easy to get lost with all this advice and to-do lists. If you're lost but still want to get your life plan and career right – consider talking to a coach. 

As you might already know, coaches will never advise and will never tell you exactly what to do. Instead, they will ask the right questions and trigger you to share the right answer and define what you really want from your life and career – what makes sense for you and what you'll be happy to follow. 

Kristina added, "A coach can be of great and essential help here. Because they are the ones who help you to find the best answers to those questions mentioned before, hence they help you to define what it is that you really want in life and how you could reach it. 

Often when we start thinking about this on our own, we are very limited in our perspective and sight. Limited by all the dysfunctional beliefs and inner fears that we don't realize we have, but which effectively prevent us from seeing the real potential, the real possibility that life holds for us. 

The goal of a coach here is to guide us and help us discover and dissolve or transform all the limiting patterns that hold us back so that we can clearly not only see what our final life destination could be but also how we could get there."

Do you want to define your life goals and then straight away start working on them? Check out the Coaching and Mentoring program by Femme Palette that will give you an opportunity to talk to a coach first and define what do you want from life and how to get there. As the next step, you'll be matched with a mentor who will help you along your planned journey. 

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