February 23, 2023

How to Convince Your Boss to Pay for Your Mentoring Program

Do you want to be part of our mentoring program but can’t afford it? We have a tip for you: ask your manager to cover the cost! Why? Being part of our mentoring program will help you grow as a professional and you’ll get to develop new skills. Having a mentor will benefit you and your employer.

Here are three tips on how to pitch the mentoring program to your manager:

1. Define your goals

First, ask yourself why you want to have a mentor. Write down at least three goals that you want to achieve during the six months of mentorship. Whatever it is, make sure it’s realistic and fits the company’s goals. For example, if your goal is to improve your public speaking skills by presenting at a workshop, it’s a great branding opportunity for your employer. Don’t share goals that aren’t relevant or related to your company. For example, if your goal is to start your own business, your manager probably won’t support you in that. Once you are sure about your goals, you’ll be able to craft your arguments for why your boss should buy in.

2. Be explicit about the structure of the program

Make it clear to your manager that mentoring won’t interfere with your job responsibilities. Let them know that the Femme Palette mentoring program is flexible and that you will meet with your mentor outside working hours. Share with your manager the cost of the program but also the perks you will receive (personal mentor, networking opportunities, access to three skill development workshops, etc.)

3.  Focus on the value this will bring to the company

Once you are clear about the goals and details about the mentoring program, think about your pitch -- how and why the mentoring program will actually benefit your organization. What will be their return on investment?

Having a mentor will

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Teach you how to speak up and be heard
  • Improve interpersonal relationship skills
  • Provide networking contacts
  • Teach you how to give and receive feedback

All these attributes will have a direct impact on your performance in your company and will help you perform better at your job. Make sure you state clearly the advantages that the mentoring program will have on your company.

What happens if your boss says no or maybe? Don’t give up! Take some time to think more about your proposal and in a few weeks come prepared for a meeting with an improved draft. If your boss still says no, shoot us an email at with your pitch and we’ll give you feedback. If your boss says yes, great! Apply to our mentoring page and we’ll find you a mentor within three weeks.

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