Jul 8, 2022

How to find your dream job

Do you have a dream company you're dying to work for? Or are you tired of your work routine and want to finally take life into your hands and locate your dream job? No matter where you're at right now, it's always possible to come closer to your dream and live a life you always wanted. Sounds easy, but where to start? Let's check it out.

Understand your dream

Before you start an exciting journey towards your dream job, make sure you see in clear your dream job.

Ensure the idea you have in mind is indeed yours and not stated to you by society or your close environment.

It's important to understand that you start giving the energy to your searches much in advance, that your dream job resonates with you and doesn't just stick to the standard career plans.

Do this easy test. Imagine you're already working in this dream company or holding this dream title. What do you see around you? How do you feel? In case this idea puts a smile on your face, you feel excited, happy, and at peace – that's your dream, and you should go for it.

But what if you don't feel anything when imagining yourself as, for example, Chief Marketing Officer, a job you always wanted? Maybe it's not your dream but a suggestion where your career should take you, even if it doesn't resonate with you? In case it's your example – spend more time with yourself and think about what you want and what makes you excited. Think of your interests, your outstanding skills, something that makes you unique. And figure what position or company could support it – what kind of job you can do while feeling happy and energised? That will be your dream job, and that's what you should go for!

Adjust your CV and LinkedIn profile

Once you understand what your dream job is, it's time to adjust your resources to fit the job the best. Start with your CV and LinkedIn profiles. Your CV should match your dream job description requirements – list all relevant skills, tools and programs you use, and examples of your work. It's also beneficial to include a short intro about yourself, your highlights and achievements, showing what you can bring to the company you apply for.

The same applies to LinkedIn; here, you can include even more info as you're not limited by 1-2 pages of CV. Include more details to separate projects, attach visual examples, highlight your achievements and wins. Don't forget to list all courses and extra activities you participated in. All information that goes to your public profiles should support your ambitions to join the dream job and show that your qualifications match perfectly.

Locate dream companies and positions

Explore the job market and locate companies and positions that resonate with you. Don't read only the job description but also check the company's website, read about its history, values, and support provided to the employees. You can also check the company's reviews and see how the company treats its employees; or take an extra step and reach out to the employees directly – ask about their experience, the company’s culture, and how they like working in the company.

Once you locate your dream company, subscribe to new job notifications on the company's website or LinkedIn. Stay informed of the current openings and be ready to apply once the position you're interested in becomes active. Before applying, always compare the job description to your CV to make sure your CV matches the job requirements perfectly.

Be proactive and creative

Although it takes time to adjust the CV to match the job requirements perfectly, everyone can do it. If you are excited about the company or that job position, try to go the extra mile and activate your creativity.

There are many ways you can stand out before other applicants: you can create your own project supporting the company's needs, solve the issue the company has, or join the company's open doors or events and meet people who work there.

Stay active in your social profiles and regularly update your network on your achieved results, completed courses, or successful projects. And don't forget to stay in touch with the company's representatives – react to their posts, join the industry discussions, be visible, and show your knowledge. If no one has reached out to you by now, be proactive and create a project that can support your skills and suggest the solution to some unresolved issues. Don't be shy and reach out to the company's representative or hiring manager showing your great motivation and presenting your work done.

Be patient, be consistent, and see your dream job clearly in front of you. If you truly want it – you'll get it! But don't be alone on this journey; seek support from your friends and family and a mentor.

In case you don't have a mentor yet – check out the Femme Palette mentoring program. A mentor won't only support you in your searches but also will make sure you're getting closer to getting your dream job.

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