Jul 8, 2022

How to work with a coach: Getting the most out of coaching session

Coaching can make your professional, and personal goals come true. Also, a coach can help you become a totally new person you always wanted to be. The only but – is the change won't happen overnight, and some dedication will be required.

How to cooperate with a coach so that the change is going smooth? And how to make sure you are getting the most out of the coaching session? This time I've talked with Kristina Škrabalová, Life Coach, who is participating in Coaching and Mentoring program at Femme Palette.

Set clear coaching goals

Kristina Škrabalová
Kristina Škrabalová

Coaching helps you become your better self. And it can be in any area of your life – be it at work, in a relationship, with family, or with colleagues. You can also work with yourself, build up your confidence, become more active, eat healthy food, or find the source of your happiness.

Kristina Škrabalová shared, ‘As a coach, I support any goals. Anything that people want to achieve, whatever their dreams are. Be it in business or private life, be it overcoming their hidden fears or aiming at getting physically or mentally fit. But of course, the goal has to be in line with my basic ethical feelings.’

To make sure your coaching session brings you the most – set a clear coaching goal. The goal should be specific, measurable, and realistic – in other words, SMART coaching goal. For example, your professional goal can be to acquire leadership skills and become a manager within the next eight months. Or it can be a goal of boosting your confidence and getting a salary raise within the next six months.

No matter the aim you set – you should understand what it takes and be ready to dedicate yourself fully. And the coach will help you achieve your goal faster and more efficient. It might even happen that you'll earn much more than what you've initially planned!

Build a trustful relationship with a coach

As you start working with a coach, the best way to start is to build a trustful relationship. Relax and open up, tell a coach about your life story, your likes and dislikes. Your story will help a coach set correct strategies ahead, and you will get more comfortable during your coaching sessions.

Don't forget to stay open-minded, challenge yourself, and think out of the box. If a coach asks a question that might seem provocative – don't close yourself and don't judge. Try to answer a question, as you might explore corners of your mind that you didn't know before. Trust your coach, who is not an enemy but your guide to your better self.

Be dedicated and check your coaching progress

Sessions with a coach will be the most effective if you dedicate fully to the change. Do you want to become a better leader? Or change your morning habits? A coach will help you get motivated, but the change itself will depend only on you.

When you set your coaching goals – try to work with one goal at a time. At the end of the session, note down smaller tasks, that will bring you closer and closer to your bigger goal. And don't forget to check the progress. It's essential not only to define what you want but also realise what's your progress. Don't forget to praise yourself for everything you've achieved so far.

Coaching sessions, where a coach listens to your needs and is dedicated to change, become life-changing conversations.

As Kristina added, "Coaching benefits and "side effect bonuses" are endless. First, and foremost, for me as a coach, it's a source of never-ending inspiration. Every day I'm taken aback or inspired by some solutions or ideas that my clients discover on their way. I learn and grow every day with every other client. For coachees, the benefit is reaching their own goals. And moving to a completely new level of their life. And this is priceless!"

I asked Kristina why she decided to become a coach, and she shared, ‘It was my life experience! Because my life has brought me upside down a few times, and I still couldn't figure out how to learn from it and grow instead of falling into panic. I knew the theory behind the overall personal growth and development, yet I missed the simple, practical tools. And then I met our new guitarist who joined my band and when it came to the "what do you do for a living" he told me he was a life coach. And I heard that word for the first time in my life, and I knew THIS IS IT. I've never before come across anything like coaching, so I had no idea what it is. But I knew that was a moment where I should start learning more about it.’

Do you want to become your better self but not sure how? Check out the Coaching and Mentoring program by Femme Palette where a professional coach will help you set up your goals. And once you have objectives defined, you'll get a perfect match with a mentor who will help you achieve it.

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