Mentoring in Leadership: Meet Leaders from our mentor community

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Femme Palette
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February 27, 2024

Would you like to grow professionally as a leader by working with a mentor? With a global mentor community from different backgrounds, our mentors have different experiences to share with their mentees, making every mentoring experience unique. Whether you've just landed your first leadership role or been in one for a while, your mentor will help you advance your leadership skillset. To give you a glimpse of our diverse mentor community, we introduce to you some of our mentors who have mastered the art of leadership.

Eva Shaw

Business Mentor


Prague Czechia

Eva has worked in executive search since 1998. She began her career in the London and Prague offices of Heidrick & Struggles, where she worked extensively in Central and Eastern Europe, in a wide range of sectors. She then started her own firm in executive search and HR consultancy. This included leading global recruitment for a leading private investment group with international fintech and digital banking operations. She then joined August Leadership as a partner. Eva studied French and Spanish with international business at South Bank University. Now, Eva is a business mentor at DoToho! In addition to executive search, Eva has coached and mentored business leaders in the Czech Republic and internationally. She is bilingual speaking both English and Czech.

Claire Dickson

Executive Coach and ACE programme facilitator

Coaching Systems

England, United Kingdom

Claire is an Executive Coach and former HR Director, with an international and multi sector experience. Having operated at a senior management level for 10 years and as a line manager for 20 years, she has led teams and delivered business targets in fast-paced and challenging situations. With her coaching approach grounded in the business world, she understands the commercial, leadership and personal challenges leaders face and her coaching approach is grounded in the business world. Claire’s focus is about helping clients operate at their best and find practical solutions to achieve and sustain their coaching goals. She helps clients deepen their awareness, broaden their thinking around both a situation and their options and facilitate tangible results for themselves, their team and business. She works with both senior and next generation leaders. 

Renata Dvorakova

General Manager

Neit Consulting

Prague, Czechia

Renata Dvorakova has over 20 years' of professional experience from IT industry. She started in Oracle Czech in 2006, she has led various teams and was promoted to Country Leader position in 2017. Prior to Oracle Renata worked in Scala Business Solutions and Barco. She graduated from the Charles University and holds an MBA degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her hobbies include golf, traveling and modern architecture.

Michiko Lloyd

Management Consultant, Coach and Mentor

Strike Your Path 

Brussels, Belgium

Michiko has had more than 30 years of experience within the areas of General Management, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product, eCommerce, and Customer Service. She led start up and corporate teams with a proven record of both expanding teams across multiple departments and countries as well as right sizing teams according to realistic revenue forecasts, operational optimization and improved commercial practices. She is passionate about people, authentic, empathetic, solutions oriented with a drive for results.

Radka Lang

Public Policy Director, Mid-Europe


Prague, Czechia

Radka is a government affairs regional executive at a leading pharmaceutical company. She is passionate about global health trends, access to healthcare and prevention. An engaged observer of different leadership styles, she has a strong track record in delivering objectives within cross functional international teams. As a mentor with over five years of experience, she has successfully mentored six mentees during 12 months periods with tangible outcomes. She follows the SMART metric together with OKR elements to enable mentees achieve their desired goals.

Florian Meyer

Account Director, AI Partnerships Startups & ISVs 


New York, USA

Throughout his career, Florian has changed continents and countries multiple times and would love to work with people on similar ambitions. He leads teams at Fortune 500 companies as well as startups and happily share insights and coach them to achieve their own leadership ambitions. In his current role, he empowers New York and US East Coast based startups to achieve more with Microsoft AI technologies. He loves tech and describes myself as an enthusiastic sales leader driven by enabling people and organizations to grow and to deliver outstanding results.

Senta Cermakova

Cheif Executive Officer



Senta is an award-winning business professional with twenty years of international experience in Sales, Marketing and Mergers & Acquisitions. She previously held the role of Innovations Director in Deloitte, where she has built the innovations team from scratch by employing budding young geniuses as interns from various universities and has pioneered the field of technological and social innovation in the Czech Republic. She previously held the role of the Worldwide Customer Programs Director in Hewlett Packard where she has been instrumental in transforming the way HP's customer programs are engaged by both Sales and Marketing. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, and hold the Master of Science in Biocybernetics. In 2011, she won the Czech Business Person of the Year award, becoming the first female ever to win this coveted prize in the competition's 20-year history. In 2016, she won the Advocate Marketing Academy Award in Advocate Recruitment. She is a fan of wine & Belgian beer, an ardent writer of blogs on wine & travels and regularly contributes to Hospodářské Noviny & Ego.

Jennifer McWilliams

Marketing Product & Service Planning and Performance Manager

Rogers Communications


Telecommunications has been Jennifer’s home for the past twenty years, having worked for several large Canadian organizations in many roles, from marketing, sales, planning, strategy and government relations. She  has also taken a few side roads, including hospitality retail and e-commerce. She decided to augment my work experience in her thirties by completing an MBA in Executive Management. This journey helped her shape a new outlook on life and how she tackles business problems. 

Trevor Smith

Global Learning and Development - Delivery Manager - Europe


Prague, Czechia

Trevor is an experienced coach/mentor and learning facilitator. His main areas of focus include dealing with change, behaviour change as well as supporting people with communication, influence and emotional intelligence. Over the last 25 years he has worked with people in many international companies and has delivered coaching and training in 26 countries. He was born in Scotland and has now been living in Prague, Czech Republic for 20 years. He particularly likes the work of Berne Brown, and Robin Sharma. When not working he spends time with his two kids (14y and 11y old) loves reading and is very active with exercise and sport.

Lakme Judge


L.J. Consulting

England, United Kingdom

Lakme is a seasoned professional with experience driving transformation in the digital age. Over the years, she has learned how to handle tough organisational challenges and make real change happen. Her focus on changing organisation design and continuous process improvement helps her keep up with the ever-changing market. When she is working with a team or collaborating with stakeholders, she is all about clear communication, data-driven decision-making, and a collaborative approach. For her, it is all about getting results and promoting a positive environment. In her free time, she loves to travel, read, and hang out with her friends and family. These things keep her balanced and gives her fresh perspectives to bring to her work.

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