Mentoring to Navigate Career Change: Meet a handful of mentors who can help you switch to a different field

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Femme Palette
Published on
March 21, 2024

Looking to switch to a different field? A mentor will give you an insider view, equip you with skills, and help you land your first job. At Femme Palette, we have a global mentor community from different backgrounds making every mentoring experience unique. To give you a glimpse of our diverse mentor community, we introduce to you some of our mentors who can help you transition into a different career successfully.

Tomáš Nekolný

Engineering Manager

Pure Storage

Prague, Czechia

Tomáš has had over five years of experience leading engineering teams (product, platform, QA). My previous experience revolves around QA/test automation and customer support. He looks forward to mentor engineering managers who started their management journey recently, individual contributors aspiring to become a manager or engineers focused on QA/test automation.

Anna Sudbury

Senior Strategy Lead

Economist Impact

United Kingdom

Anna is a strong sales and marketing professional skilled in strategy, multiple-platform solutions and team management. She loves selling brands having had worked with amazing ones like BSKYB, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Pinterest and Reddit. She has also sold to awesome brands from the luxury end of the market like Gucci and Apple to more everyday ones like Lenovo, Adobe, Danone, Mars and Nestlé. Anna is also a blogger, copy-writer, sub-editor and social media expert. She loves reading the Booker shortlist, walking her dog on the beach, being on time for the school run, and championing women in any environment.

Viktoriia Rozsokha

UX Researcher


Prague, Czechia

Viktoriia is a multi-disciplinary consultant, coach, facilitator and researcher focused on innovation, transformation and change. She has a passion to kickstarting the new, rejuvenating the old, and guiding people, products and companies through change, all in a holistic and sustainable manner.

Louise Salih

Product Design Manager

Workday Peakon Employee Voice

Copenhagen, Denmark

Louise is an engineer who became a UX researcher for over 8 years and transitioned into Research and Design Leadership the last 3 years. She is an expat in Denmark with a curated knowledge of start-up life, scale-up and enterprise when it comes to product development, agile, UX research, and Design. She worked with both B2B and B2C companies on desktop platforms and apps, in small and very large organisations. 

Lucie Ptáková

Manager, Reward & HR Operations


Prague, Czechia

Lucie has spent most of her career in HR. She is passionate about improving employee experience with HR processes by streamlining, digitizing, and automating them. She has a diverse skill set that also includes  budgeting, reporting and more technical (IT) side of HR. She enjoys sharing insights on non-HR topics like negotiation, facilitation, and coaching. I have mentored others on various personal and professional topics, such as securing dream jobs, career choices and promotions, work-life balance, and navigating corporate environments.

Ricardo Luiz

Director of Products


Lisbon, Portugal

Ricardo is a product person with more than 15 years of experience in the SaaS B2B world. He studied Computer Science for a short period and then went on to graduate in Neuro-Cognitive Science opening the doors of the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) world in an Augmented and mixed reality company where he started his career. With a passion for patterns and analytics, ended up taking a post-grad in Business Intelligence just for fun while already working full time. Richardo has traveled around the world to deliver projects and products all the way from China to Mexico, with stops in Singapore, Qatar, Kuwait, Europe, UK and USA.

Elena Lyubchich

Executive Deal Lead


Prague, Czechia

Enterprising and innovative, Elena has acquired various experiences in the IT sector, mostly working in contract management, client-facing service delivery management and service solutioning.  Throughout her career, she has  always combined strong academic background in corporate finance and commercial law together with real-world experience and numerous deals she has led in different industries and countries across EMEA. Apart from her corporate career, she is a financial coach who helps expats get their heads around personal finance, financial literacy and investments. 

Klára Šiková

Strategic Program Manager | Talent & Performance Management 


Prague, Czechia

Klara is amentor and a coach with more than 10 years of experience in HR, currently driving strategy and execution of Talent Management high-priority areas for >100k SAP employees globally. She is passionate about innovation, market trends, personal growth, neuroscience, and future of work. She enjoys challenging traditional thinking, offers new perspectives, and helps people successfully progress towards their goals. 

Šárka Veselá

Value, Access & Policy Lead


Prague, Czechia

Šárka specializes in the pharmaceutical industry, negotiating with health insurance funds. She focuses on pricing and reimbursement for innovative medicines (market access), which involves developing strategies for getting innovative drugs covered by public health insurance. She leads a department at the Czech branch of Amgen, an American biotechnology company. 

Anish Arora

Team Lead- Data & Analytics


Berlin, Germany

Anish is a data team lead with a proven track record of enabling people to excel at their work while optimizing resources. He has the ability to define a clear roadmap, hire and build collaborative teams, and manage cross-functional projects. He has experience in implementing a wide range of innovative analytics and machine learning initiatives to build data products that spur profitability and customer engagement. Anish possesses a conscious communication of highly technical concepts to technical and non-technical audiences.

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