Jul 8, 2022

Why you should be a mentor

Femme Palette has a pool of over 700 mentors. These experienced professionals help our mentees achieve their goals and enhance their careers. However, mentoring is a two-way street where people not only share but also learn from each other. Through mentoring, you can develop your soft skills, enhance your career, and build a strong network of fellow professionals. Need more reasons to become a mentor?  

As Cristina Muntean says, we are always in the middle of a journey, with something to learn and something to share. Therefore, you can be a mentor at any stage of your career - junior, senior, freelancer, entrepreneur, there is always a good time to help others and get inspired in return. Mentoring is about going the extra mile in helping others. And if you start mentoring now, it will surely pay off in the future. So, what are the key benefits of being a mentor?

1. Boost your soft skills

Mentoring is a journey, and therefore it is in both parties’ interest to make this journey as productive and swift as possible. And thus, a mentor should not only be a good communicator but also a great listener, to ensure that the advice and suggestions s/he shares is relevant and can be of value to the mentee. Being a good listener requires a high level of empathy and mentoring creates the necessary space to practice this.

2. Make you a better leader

The role of a mentor is to inspire their mentee in their professional development. By enhancing soft skills and developing the ability to encourage others to pursue their dreams, the mentor can also strengthen his/her managerial skills during the mentoring sessions. From effective communication and prioritising, to inspiring people in following a set vision, mentoring can boost essential skills of already-experienced workers and, crucially, help them become better leaders. If you want to explore the top qualities of a leader, click here.  

3. Advance your career

Developing soft skills and other abilities can also have a positive impact on one’s career. Skills such as communication, empathy and teamwork are applicable to most professions, and through mentoring, one has evidence to prove that s/he possesses these. Mentoring can thus become the stepping stone for the big promotion.

To give you some examples of how mentoring has benefited other people’s careers, read our mentors’ testimonials below. And if you want to join our mentors’ community, apply here to become a Femme Palette mentor today.

Olga Maximova

Head of Shared Services at Czechitas


Together with Renca, we focused on rediscovering her self-worth, boosting her confidence, preparation for interviews, her CV and LinkedIn profile. I believe I helped her clarify her thoughts, choose which way to go in her career, identify her strengths, how to sell herself, and how to avoid going stir-crazy. Renata was always well-prepared, enthusiastic, motivated, energetic, and I really enjoyed working with her. My mentee knows my feedback because we also often exchanged voice messages on WhatsApp, and she knows how much progress she has made. For me personally, mentoring with Renatka helped me realise how important time management and building of a personal brand is - online and offline, as well as that helping others is my life purpose. After the mentoring, I felt happy and satisfied.

Sarka Vernerova

Senior HR manager at Red Hat

Šárka Vernerová.jpeg

We all know that finding the right mentor is not always easy but Femme Palette team did an amazing job and they made a real matching fit and thanks to their election I had fantastic opportunity to create an inspirational mentorship with my mentee. Being a mentor is actually great training in itself! My mentee learned me how to be an inspirational mentor, initially I gave of myself without expecting something in return but in the upshot I’ve gained a lot from this mentorship. Mentorship matters

Kristina Shershun

Talent Sourcing Lead at Wrike

Kristina Shershun.jpg

Femme Palette mentoring program gave me an opportunity to experience some long-term and structured mentoring relationship. It showed me that mentoring is a truly powerful and transformational tool, improving skills not just of mentee but also mentor since it requires a lot of reflection of various experiences, behaviours, knowledge etc. If the goals are set right and mental efforts of mentee and mentor are moving towards achieving those goals, results can exceed expectations. I highly recommend it to everybody who wants to develop professionally but needs a bit of confidence or direction

Mantas Ciuksys

Director of Content Marketing at Socialbakers

Mantas Ciuksys.jpeg

If sharing the knowledge you've built so that others can improve their standing in the world isn't enough a motivator, then do it for purely selfish reasons of learning how to teach, communicate, and convey your ideas better.

If you think you have what it takes to be a great mentor, you want to pass on your learnings and work experience as well as to strengthen your own personal brand and improve your soft skills, sign up here and become a mentor today. We will be looking forward to you joining our community and, with you help, changing the future of many professionals and entrepreneurs.

Interested in becoming a mentor but not sure if you have what it takes? Take our specially designed Mentor quiz to find out if you have it in you. It's quick and fun!

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