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We have helped over 1,000 people with their career challenges - from growing in their roles, learning new skills, making a career change to looking for a new job. Read below what our mentees say about their experience with the program.
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Katerina Sugarova
Finance and HR Manager
Mentoring energized me.
Mentoring energized me and brought me that extra strength to move forward with my career.
Petra Vilímková, DevOps Service Delivery Manager at AIS Servis
Mentoring program
Aneta Zazvonilova
Office Manager
Pushed me forward.

I am glad that I was able to try out the program and have fun with an experienced mentor who pushed me forward in my work processes and projects.

Riina Tiira-Sramko, Organizational Development Expert at SAP
Mentoring program for companies
Barbora Kailova
Business Development Representative
Working on the goals I set.

I am really grateful for Veronika as she is able to help me not only with the goals that we have set up with Dagmar (my coach) but also be flexible wherever I feel like I need help. Thanks to her the timeline of onboarding new clients shortened and I am now more aware of what kind of clients I should go after and how to reach out to them.

Veronika Stancekova
Coaching & Mentoring program
Richard Kousal
QA Team Leader
Motivated and inspired.

Having someone who is ready to help and answer my curious questions is something that motivated and inspired me on my career path. Thanks for that.

Tomas Nekolny, Senior Engineering Manager at Productboard
Mentoring program
Jaroslava Mochanova
Customer journey expert/ Chapter lead CX
Ceska sporitelna
We inspired each other.

It was my first experience and I am thrilled. With my mentor Jana, we had a lot of common work and non-work topics to share, even though we are each from different fields. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to be inspired and inspire others at the same time.

Jana Hrabětová, Head of Market and Customer Excellence at E.ON
Mentoring program for companies.
Petra Sebkova
Associate Principle, Project Management / Project Manager
Qontigo; Deutsche Boerse Group
It was a motivation boost.

It is super awesome to see how much positive actions could be generated if you have such a great mentor like Maria. We are in the middle of our program and I feel I have made a big progress already. Our sessions always boost my motivation and this is because I have the chance to work with somebody who is a true inspiration not only on professional but also on personal level.

Maria Loparcakova, Agile Project Manager at Container Solutions
Mentoring program
Charlota Blunárová
Design Lead
It felt like a sneak-peek into my future.

I was very excited after the first chemistry session with Alice, during which she talked about her experience from London, returning to Czechia, and starting in a new work environment. Alice’s story felt like a sneak peek into my own future and allowed me to visualize my prospective career. It showed me what elements of my current life I can replicate in another cultural or professional context. For that reason, I am very grateful for this match! I would also like to add that both of us work in consultancy but in a very different field. I am in design and Alice in finance. She works with CFOs, whilst I usually work with clients in marketing and product. Previously, my mentors were from the design industry, design leaders with years of experience and expertise in my field – so it was helpful to have someone like Alice with a completely different background. Surprisingly, many of the topics overlapped, e.g. team and client relations.

Alice Machova, Partner, Financial Accounting Advisory Services; Climate Change and Sustainability Services at EY
Leadership program
Petra Moravcova
Global Shapers Prague Hub
A great mentor and an amazing friend.

I was so lucky to have the best I could ever wish for - thank you so much Lucie for your time, your relentless energy, inspiration, piece of advice, and just naturally great attitude! I have learned so much from you! I think what I am the most grateful for beyond the mentor-mentee thing is that I got a 24/7 amazing friend with whom we share similar views, values, and passions! To sum things up, taking part in this program has been an absolute highlight of this year!

Lucie Neumanova, CEO & Co-founder of Femme Palette
Mentoring program