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Thinking of applying to the program? Review the frequently asked questions first.
Can I pick one of these mentors to be my mentor?
You can definitely let the Program Manager know during the interview the name of the mentor that you have seen in this database. We don't guarantee that we can match you with this mentor as they might not be right person for your goals or  have capacity for mentoring, but we will try our best to accommodate your request.
How does the matching work?
When we match mentees with mentors, we are aware of the goals that you have filled into the application.

We, then, discuss your application with your potential mentor to see if they think you are a good fit for them and if they can help you with your goals. We take into account your request for a mentor when you fill in the application. Although you can’t select a specific mentor, we make sure that we match you with the best possible mentor for your goals.

After you meet your mentor for the first time, you can let us know if you think that the mentor is not a good fit for you and request a rematch. The mentor can do the same.
I don't see the mentoring category I am looking for.
That can happen. Not all our mentors are in this database. We recruit new mentors each month, so we look for the right mentor externally based on your needs. Please consult your case during a free consultation.
How do I become part of the program?
First, you have to fill out an application form. It takes only 2-3 minutes. In the application, you have to schedule an interview with our Program Manager. You'll receive a calendar invite for this call via Calendly. If you haven't received it, check your spam folder or contact us at mentoring@femmepalette.com.

The next step is to submit your payment. You can pay either by card, or receive an invoice and pay via bank transfer. If for some reason you can't pay right away, you can skip this step and pay after the interview with the Program Manager.

During the interview with the Program Manager you will discuss your career challenges, goals for mentoring and your ideal mentor profile.When your payment is finalized, we will start looking for mentor for you!
How are mentors compensated?
The mentors can choose if they want to be paid or mentor pro-bono. We have a mentor tiering system in place that rewards the mentors who keep mentoring with us. The mentors can earn different benefits, starting with mentor spotlights on our social media to donating their earned reward to our scholarship fund. The experience is also rewarding for the mentors in a different way as we provide them with opportunities to gain mentoring skills, as well as give them access to networking opportunities in the online mentor community.