6 months | In-person in Czechia/remote | 12 hours of mentorship

Reverse mentoring: Digital upskilling

Get a greater understanding of digital areas, increase confidence discussing technology and learn new digital skills. Get matched with someone younger who is an expert in digital skills, such as online communication and collaboration, solving technical problems, user experience and design thinking, digital marketing, data analytics, and more.

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“Mentoring Program gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and change things - I was feeling that I should do the brave decision and follow my heart to new career path. And I landed a position as IT Recruitment Lead in almost no time.”
- Mia Kurekova, Senior IT recruiter at Altersis

How our Reverse Mentoring program works

With digital transformation and the speed at which businesses are changing and developing, there can be a disconnect between older and younger employees. We’re trying to bridge the generation gap, improve inclusivity and help tackle ageism. You’ll get matched with a mentor that will help you with your challenges in digital areas.

  • 12 hours of 1:1 mentorship
    You'll be matched with your personal mentor for a 6 months long mentoring relationship. Your mentor will be helping you achieve your goals that you set at the beginning of the program.
  • Mentee training and support
    We’ll help you set up your SMART goals and give you guidance on how to work with your mentor to get the most out of your mentoring sessions. We'll support you along the way.
  • Certificate of completion
    At the end of the program, you'll receive a certificate of completion.
  • Networking opportunities
    You'll receive access to the mentee and mentor community on Slack, and will have a chance to meet other mentees during our events.
Mentoring categories

We offer mentorship in the following categories

  • Marketing
  • HR/Recruiting
  • Design
  • IT/Tech
  • Business Development, Sales
  • Finance
  • Leadership/Management
  • General Career Guidance
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What will your mentor help you with?

Your mentor will introduce you to the digital skills and tools you need to thrive in today’s world. With digital transformation being a top priority for modern organizations, your digital intelligence is the key to striving in this age. You’ll learn things such as online communication and collaboration, solving technical problems, user experience and design thinking, digital marketing, data analytics, and more.  You will also get advice on additional resources you can leverage, including books, articles, and events.

Being connected with someone from a different generation can broaden your horizons. You get to understand the challenges of today’s generation, what is important to them, and how they think about different things. This can be beneficial for you when you work with someone from a different generation.

With digital transformation, things change pretty quickly. Your mentor can help you keep up with all the changes, introduce you to new tools and trends in the industry so that you are in the loop and not feel behind and overwhelmed.

Your mentor can offer an opportunity to expand your existing network of professional contacts by introducing you to relevant connections. Since your mentor will be from a different generation, you might get connected with completely out of your network.

Mentee testimonials

What our mentees say

Read what mentees who participated in mentoring program experienced.
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Monika Visnova
UI/UX Designer
My goal was to switch career from architecture to UX design and get a full-time job within six months. My mentor helped me navigate in the UX world while I was applying for jobs and going to interviews. I’m happy to say I managed to reach this goal and now I enjoy my new role in Slevomat.
Helena Davis
CEE Manager
Soulmates Ventures
Over the past 6 months I feel I have grown in many aspects of both my personal life and my approach to the career path ahead of me. I was able to increase my confidence and become a more effective negotiator.
Kristyna Cervena
Recruitment Team Lead
The program pushed me to work harder on achieving my goals, set a vision, explore my strengths, and gain confidence.
Kristina Ivanova
Sr. Financial Controller
Lidl Czech Republic
It's finally nice to have a role-model and also a cheerleader in one person, who believes in you, wants the best for you, leads you in new places and shows you the world of options. And who understands you. I am happy for that!

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for a 6 months program
Work with your personal mentor 1:1 on your career challenges.
  • 12 sessions with mentor
  • 3 free tickets to events
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  • Certificate of completion

Mentoring + Coaching

for a 9 months program
Get connected with a coach and a mentor for more support.
  • 12 sessions with a mentor
  • 3 sessions with a coach
  • 3 free tickets to events
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  • Certificate of completion

For teams

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Help your team grow through mentorship for the members of your team! Receive a dedicated customer success manager, reporting, and support.
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