January 17, 2023

4 benefits your employees will actually use

A smart employer knows that benefits can make or break the deal with an employee. An attractive benefit package now matters more than ever, and can even be a deciding factor for some potential candidates. Who doesn’t want to see their colleagues happy, motivated and taken care of? 

Sure, meal vouchers, home office and sick days are a nice offer, but if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, they won’t exactly do. That’s why we put together tips for 4 unique and attractive benefits which your employees will really enjoy using.

This blog post was created in partnership with Wolt and contains paid promotion.


Who doesn’t like relaxing with a good book? The problem is, when can you find the time for it? Give your employees the opportunity to entertain and educate themselves no matter where and when by providing them with audiobook subscriptions! That way, they can tune in to a good read whether they’re driving, taking a walk or replying to emails. Most audiobook libraries let the user choose from a ton of genres, from personal development to fantasy fiction. Let everyone pick whatever they like and whenever they like - this one’s bound to be a hit!

Health program

Endless hours of being stuck in doctors’ waiting rooms can be both tiring and stressful, especially when you have a heavy workload to handle. Make life easier for your employees by providing them with a membership at a private health clinic! Not only will they be happy to avoid the never-ending lines, they’ll also enjoy high-quality care and an individual approach. Be an employer who cares! Healthy employees = happy employees.

Food delivery

Yeah, we all know the infamous meal vouchers all too well. They’re just another thing taking up space in our wallets and sometimes pretty awkward to pay with. If you want to keep your employees well fed, there are much better options to consider. One of them is providing access to a food delivery service.

Wolt at Work is a special service powered by Wolt which lets not only teams, but also individual employees easily order from nearby restaurants. Through your admin account, you can decide how teams can order food - set them budgets and invite colleagues to use the service. They can then track their orders in real time and get fast deliveries whenever they need. Fast and efficient human customer support will respond within 60 seconds. To make everything super simple, you will be invoiced monthly.

Wolt is a fast-growing platform that is no longer just about food, but also offers flowers and other retail items. But how employees use their company profile is up to them and their employers. Wolt is basically for every human being, no matter if you like bio cosmetic products or juicy burgers,” says Hana Kucerova, Business Partnership Manager for Wolt at Work.

The main advantage of Wolt at Work is the payment on invoice, you order now and your payment is due 30 days after you receive the invoice, which I think most larger companies appreciate. The admin portal where you keep track of company orders is very intuitive and offers a lot of clever features. It’s also worth mentioning the rules you can set up for each group, the management of individual orders, or the invoice summary that is available for download,” she explains further.

Online education courses

Education drives motivation! Don’t let your employees fall behind on their skills and talents and give them access to online education courses! They can brush up on their knowledge of languages, build their hard skills or embark on an adventure and start learning something new. All of this can be accessed from the office or from the comfort of their own home. Invest in education and they’ll thank you for helping them develop! And who knows? Maybe this will help someone discover a talent they never knew they had.

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