5 Femme Palette podcast episodes that will inspire you

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Femme Palette
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August 11, 2021

Podcasts represent a meaningful tool for discussing some of today’s burning issues. They can make us stop and take in the world around us, motivate us to think deeper and draw inspiration. Our very own Femme Palette podcast aims to do exactly that.

For this year’s new series of our On Air podcast, we invited two guests to each session to share their point of view on important themes and help us learn and grow. Here are five examples of some highly inspirational episodes.

Cultural Bias with Tereza de Bardi and Alexis Jenkins

The Episode

In the most recent episode, guests Tereza de Bardi and Alexis Jenkins chime in on the theme of cultural bias. What assumptions are made when it comes to culture, nationality or ethnicity and what can people and companies stop or start doing to help everyone feel included are some of the questions discussed. Find out why diversity is important at all levels of a company and gain insight into D&I efforts and their role in today’s workplace. 

The Guests

Tereza de Bardi is a Director at Deloitte Czech Republic focused on transformations in Finance and Business Services and the co-founder D&I Shapers, a platform which brings together organizations across Czech market to move the D&I to the next level.

Alexis Jenkins is the Founder of ANJ Consultancy a DEI firm that helps build inclusive and anti-racist workplaces and the Head of People & Culture at Dame Products.

LGBT+ Bias with Lucie Bajgart and Matej Ftacnik

The Episode

Another episode from the Bias series deals with the topic of LGBT+ people and the biases towards them. Guests Lucie Bajgart and Matej Ftacnik share their perspectives on preventing unfair biases in the workplace and making everyone feel safe and happy. Topics discussed include use of language in the workplace and specific steps which companies can take to encourage a more accepting environment. 

The Guests

Lucie Bajgart is a freelance designer working in Prague whose clients span from fintech giants to startups. Her focus is branding and product design. Lucie identifies as a gay queer woman with her/she pronouns.

Matej Ftacnik is the-cofounder of Vacuumlabs, a software development company that builds modern full stack fintech solutions for startups, scale-ups and incumbent banks. He was chosen as Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 in Slovakia. Over the years, he has been involved in a wide range of projects, including a digital banking platform for the LGBT+ community.

Leading with Empathy with Azeneth Ferrero Russell and Michal Ptacek

The Episode

Would you like to become a more empathetic leader? Of course! But how does one achieve this and, at the same time, remain assertive? These questions, among others, were discussed in the Leading with Empathy episode with guests Azeneth Ferrero Russell and Michal Ptacek.

The Guests

Azeneth Ferrero Russell is the Global Business Evolution Director at CEMEX, a global building materials company, and the Country Manager of Neoris, a Digital Accelerator and partner of some of the biggest companies in the world providing Tech Consulting services in every continent. A real worldly person, she has lived long-term in 5 different countries.

Michal Ptacek is the Founder and CEO of CzechCrunch, an online portal focusing on business, startups, technology, travel, design, architecture, education and other current themes. He currently leads a team of 18 people who are trying to disrupt the Czech media ecosystem.

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Leadership Style with Dita Formankova and Milan Formanek

The Episode

We all recognize a good leader when we see one. But what exactly is it that makes them good? And, on the other hand, what are the most common mistakes that a good leader should avoid making? And how does all of this translate into the specifics of the Czech environment? Guests Dita Formankova and Milan Formanek weigh in with their perspectives and share valuable tips.

The Guests

Dita Formankova is the co-founder and Non-executive Director of the Czech-based social business Czechitas that is inspiring and educating women and youth in IT and digital skills. She is listed in Forbes 30 under 30, CESA Female Role Model, European Citizen Prize and SXSW Community Service Award.

Milan Formanek is a positive futurist and lifehacker who spent 14 years at Redbull and was formerly CEO of creative communication agency Zaraguza. His job included coordinating 20 different countries and he succeeded at building a great team. He teaches and consults modern marketing, already to 500+ organizations, NGOs, startups, universities and others.

Negotiating salary with Tereza Machackova and Matej Matolin

The Episode

In an increasingly competitive world, negotiating a fair salary can be a real headache. How do people approach these negotiations, how to get it right and when to negotiate were some of the topics discussed in this episode with guests Tereza Machackova and Matej Matolin.

The Guests

Tereza Machackova is a Talent Partner at Credo Ventures. Her role here includes helping portfolio companies to be successful in People Ops & Recruitment. On top of that, she helps startups like Productboard or Around to establish core HR and talent processes and scale these startups.

Matej Matolin is a Talent partner at Impulse Ventures, where he helps promising tech startups to scale. He focuses on finding tech talents and C-level executives, setting international operations, building an effective People Ops function or creating an attractive employer brand. He is also the author of the popular blog Lovec Hlav.

Discover more success stories and learn new business lessons through our podcast every two weeks. Subscribe to ‘On Air: Podcast by Femme Pallette’, rate the episodes, or send us your suggestions on We look forward to catching up with you soon On Air!  

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