May 17, 2023

7 Quick Tips to Win in the Corporate World

With global events ushering in skyrocketing inflation, more people are feeling uncertain about job security. Inspired by Radka Lang’s mentor-style webinar on how to be successful in a corporate career in the first quarter of the year and our 6-step guide on how to hack the corporate ladder following the webinar, we put together these seven quick tips to win in the corporate world during these tight times.

Always offer a solution

It is important to be constructive instead of dwelling on the problem. Those with a solutions-oriented mindset identify the problem as soon as possible, break it down, ask for help from an expert if needed, and then decide whether to push forward, change their approach, or simply let it go. Having a solutions-oriented mindset not only reduces stress, which benefits both your physical and mental health but also helps you make better decisions.

For leaders who want to foster a solution-driven mindset within their team, Linkedin published a post by Rasso Bartenschlager that breaks down four ways to do it. Trello also published a post by Deanna deBara on the characteristics of solution-oriented leaders and how to foster this mindset on your team.

Be resilient

When things do not go as planned, or you don’t get the result you receive, do not give up or get discouraged. Take the feedback you receive and learn from it. This kind of attitude could help you stand out from the senior leaders. In difficult situations, having the support of a mentor can help you build resilience. Forbes published an article written by Graydon McKee on fostering resilience through mentorship. If you’re unsure what kind of mentoring program to choose, take our Femme Palette Program Quiz to find what best suits your needs!

Take ownership of your successes 

In larger corporations, you can lose track of your achievements. Cara Hutto shares six cool and helpful ways to track your accomplishments in a blog post published by InHerSight, while Lauren Holliday shares how she tracks her achievements and shares various clickable templates to check out in a blog post published by Medium. Additionally, Radka notes the importance of taking note of your wins humbly and according to your culture and your company culture.

Work on your reputation beyond the company

While it is worth exploring media or speaking engagements to build your personal brand, professional platforms such as LinkedIn can also help widen your reach and advertise your expertise. You can watch the recording of our workshop hosted by Angelina Liparteliani on how to make your LinkedIn stand out. In the workshop, she breaks down why it is important to build a LinkedIn profile, goes through the critical components of LinkedIn and how best to fill them, as well as LinkedIn resources for jobseekers and various strategies and hacks on how to search for a job on LinkedIn.

Know your value

It is valuable to monitor the market regularly. While you may not be looking for a new job, knowing whether your compensation is keeping up with the industry average is good. Some of the best sites to check out are Glassdoor, SalaryExpert,, and Indeed. This will allow you to have a productive discussion with your line manager about your compensation packages.

Invest time in networking

Aside from the formal organisation structures, it is also important to know the informal structures to find out who influences what in the corporation. Don’t be shy to approach even the most senior leaders because, based on Radka’s experience, they are almost always willing to speak to you. Regarding the content of the conversation, it is important to be curious and inquiring. Ask for their advice on something that you find challenging in your position. 

For more networking tips, it would be worth it to read our blog on making networking your superpower, as well as another one specifically written on networking for introverts.

Never burn bridges

Even if you are leaving a company or a team, you never know when your paths will cross again. Some master networkers keep a list of people they want to keep in touch with and regularly reach out to them. This could pay off in the long-run. 

For more resources on this topic, LinkedIn published a post written by Matthew Tukaki on why you never want to burn bridges in business, while Indeed published a post outlining 25 ways to ensure you don't burn bridges when leaving a job.

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