May 3, 2023

Bringing femininity to the work environment

Looking back in the history of the workplace, it’s not that long for women to be present in the companies and occupy positions of managers, team leaders, and chiefs. Only 100 years ago, women were limited in their wishes to get higher education or work in the industry not typical for them. 

Today, our world sees a change in trends, as more and more women take higher management positions and prove they are worth developing professionally, same as their male colleagues. But it’s still not a limit. There’s still a lot to be done to bring femininity to the work environment - both from the individual and company’s sides. 

Bringing your feminine energy to the workplace 

No matter the goal – always start with yourself. Think of what femininity means for you and be genuine with your answers. For someone, feminine energy can be about positive vibes, jokes, and an easy-going environment. For others – it can mean being able to listen to someone, care, and show your support. No matter the definition – stick to it and maximize it in your workplace environment. 

Femininity always represents creativity, love, and self-reflection to a bigger or smaller extent. Being feminine means letting yourself be spontaneous, playful, and full of out-of-the-box ideas. It also encourages to embrace receiving, understanding, and active self-reflection. The truth is that the skills mentioned above are crucial for the modern workplace, both for women and men. It allows everyone to think differently, not be afraid of trying new things and get along with all the different people at work. 

Last, don’t forget to stick with females like yourself. The energy is shared the best when you are in a circle of people supporting the same cause and same initiatives. Find ladies that you admire and whose work you appreciate and be in contact with them. Support them and ask them to support you. Exchange that feminine energy and share it further around the workplace and beyond. 

Supporting femininity as a company

The company also needs to clarify that it doesn’t discriminate and accept women in any positions, no matter the department or the area of expertise. The goal is to create a welcoming environment where women feel welcomed and supported and where they can share the team with their male colleagues without any assumptions or misunderstandings. 

There are many ways for a company to get the feminine energy going, including organizing workshops with female professionals, sharing stories of women that take higher positions in the company or organizing in-house support groups. When women feel like stepping out of their comfort zone and meeting with other ambitious ladies - external women communities such as Femme Palette come as a perfect example. During regular networking sessions and workshops, attendees get to acquire new skills and meet with like-minded attendees, sharing that feminine energy all around.

Feminine energy is something that shouldn’t be missed in any workplace. Today, companies must support it and not limit it. Female individuals must stay authentic and be true to their own femininity and don’t be hesitant to bring it openly to the workplace. Only diversity can make our communities better, with women standing proud as its appreciated members. 

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