Discover 12 inspiring communities for women in the Czech Republic

Written by
Gabriela Dittrichova
Published on
July 4, 2023

Whether you are a female professional, a women entrepreneur, or a #girlboss (or all of those combined), there are times when all of us need a word of encouragement or a helping hand.  That is the power of communities. From sharing inspiration and boosting your network, to discovering useful resources and advancing your professional development, communities can significantly impact your career. We chose the best eight communities in the Czech Republic that provide guidance, support, and inspiration (not only) for women.


(aka Female Architects)

Whether you are a practicing (female) architect or at the start of your career in architecture, the online group Architektky supports all female architects and creates a safe and inspiring environment for everyone to grow and develop. Through sharing educational resources, they support professional growth and promote collaboration. Their mission is to ‘grow together’.

Some of the key visions of the ‘Female Architects’ is to create a safe environment for women architects to discuss various challenges, share various opinions and perspectives, as well as collaborate, support, and further develop professionally.  

Dear Ladies Network

The mission of Dear Ladies Network is to empower expat women for success by providing unwavering support, equipping them with valuable knowledge, and facilitating opportunities for personal, business, and career growth. They achieve this by fostering quality connections that evolve into enduring referral relationships, creating a network built on trust and mutual benefit.

Expat Women in Prague

The Facebook group Expat Women in Prague with 14k members is designed to help women in Prague ask and discuss important questions regarding women's life, health, child rearing, fashion and beauty, legal help, and so many other issues in a 100% women's forum.

Femme Palette

We are strong advocates of women empowering women. Our mission is to support all aspects of women’s professional development by providing career advice and business support. We offer 1:1 mentoring, organize webinars, and build a large network of female professionals through our online community. Join Femme Palette if you are considering a career change, want to discuss your business plans, or want to get inspired by like-minded people.

Global Shapers Prague

The Prague Hub is formed of dynamic individuals who drive change, action, and dialogue. If you are a young change-maker, you can join the Global Shapers Prague by signing up on their website. The key mission is to shape the future and build a more prosperous and inclusive world. Sounds like you?

Holky z Marketingu

(aka Girls in Marketing)

A hugely popular community of women in the Czech Republic is #HolkyzMarketingu. The ambition of this 24k+ female-dominated group is to connect mutually-supportive women who are interested in marketing, advertising, and technology. The community founded by Pavlína Louženská provides mentoring, organizes regular events, and a 12-week academy. It is a great place for collaboration, advice, and inspiration.

Holky z IT

(aka Women in IT)

Modeled after the massively popular Holky z Marketingu, the Facebook group #HolkyzIT connects almost 3 thousand women across the Czech Republic working in IT and the Tech industry. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe space to exchange tips, advice, inspiration, and knowledge.

Ladies, Wine & Design Prague

As the name suggests, this community is great for all wine and design lovers. It supports female creatives and organizes regular salon nights ( restricted to 10 attendees). The community started in New York and has spread across multiple cities around the world, Prague included. It puts focus on female mentorship and championing each other’s work.  @lwdprague creates a safe space for people who do not identify as men to share their ideas, learn from each other and join an interesting conversation.

Lean In Czech

Lean In Czech is a community supporting women by creating a culture of support and inclusion. Their Circle provides networking, professional development opportunities, and much more. You can sign up to join the Circle on their website and contribute to growing female talent and leadership in the Czech Republic.


(aka I’mHR)

If you are interested in all things HR, you should certainly keep your eye on They support active professionals as well as students considering a career in HR. If you understand Czech, you can listen to their #suHR podcast, or read their blog to sharpen your skills in human resources.

Ženy v byznysu

(aka Women in business)

The mission of Ženy v byznysu is to inspire women to turn their ideas into reality and build a successful business or a career. They organize practical workshops, have an online community, and a great network of like-minded women. They also organize an annual conference and run a blog. It is a great place for women in business to share their experiences, find inspiration, and get a career boost.

Ženy v právu

(aka Women in Law)

Ženy v právu is a community in which everything is personal: their personal - professional and non-professional - stories and experiences that they want to share both in the real world through shared events and in a shared virtual bubble. It is a space for women in legal professions who inspire and support each other.

Whether you are a young change-maker or an experienced business professional, hopefully you found some inspiration in our list of the eight communities in the Czech Republic. From sharing support to bouncing ideas off each other, communities are a great way to get involved, be seen and find new energy to continue your incredible work. Women have amazing powers and together, we can achieve great results. Now is the time to become a member of something bigger and join one, two, or maybe more online communities for women in Czechia and give yourself the professional boost you need.

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