Mentoring for women in IT

Written by
Gabriela Dittrichova
Published on
June 24, 2021

Women working in tech are high in demand. But how to be successful at an IT job? By learning from others, those with numerous experiences and connections. Whether you are starting a new job or have years of experience in tech, read about how a mentor can help you boost your IT career

What is an IT job?  

There are endless options for what you can do in tech. From software engineers to data analysts to website developers, the list goes on. Careers in tech are endless, and it is up to you whether you choose to work in back end (predominantly coding) or front end (building websites, apps - creating a seamless experience for the end-user). A possible extension from front end development is UX design, more on which can be found here

Data Science and Analytics

Any online-based business is extremely dependent on data that is collected from the platform’s visitors. The fine goal is to turn those into prospective clients, so the main task is to summarise this data, organize it in a clean and presentable way, and give suggestions as to what resources to focus on. 

Data analysts show where the greatest revenue lies and can give suggestions as to what channels should be invested in and why. This career is most suitable for those who enjoy working with spreadsheets, charts, and analytical tools. Good knowledge of maths and statistics is essential, too. 

TIP: If you want to try a career as a data analyst, but are unsure about the consequences, talk to an expert and see if analyzing data and working with information is the right choice for you. 

Software Engineering

If you enjoy building online products (website, apps, etc.), you should be working in front end development. If building software, a code, or a platform is more your thing, the back end is where you should be. Software engineering in general is known for its lack of gender diversity. Women in tech are in high demand (read more on Forbes), so you should surely have a go!  

TIP: If you are longing for a job offer in IT, test the grounds by talking to a front and a back end developer and ask them to show you what their day-to-day job consists of. 

Product management

Do you enjoy collaboration and combining various elements? Then product management is the right place for you. This cross-functional area brings together engineers, designers, and stakeholders, who then collaborate on launching world-class products. Product managers ensure everyone is on the same page, and serve as a liaison between different teams.

Product managers play a crucial role in shaping a company. They gather data and input from users which enables them to constantly improve and iterate a product or a service. As product managers, communication skills are critical, as you have to negotiate with various teams about the scope and delivery of a project. To succeed in this profession, empathy is key, and some experience in design, data, or engineering is a plus. Understanding other people’s needs and perspectives help to reach a common goal more swiftly and efficiently.  

How to succeed in IT? 

There are multiple ways to find out whether tech is the right industry for you or not. 

  • If you are considering a career switch to IT, discuss your expectations with a mentor. Mentors give you honest feedback, help you manage your expectations, and navigate your next steps. 
  • If you are already working in IT, ask a mentor to share their network with you. Mentors have multiple industry-related experiences and through introductions to fellow professionals can help you reach the next milestone.
  • If you are unsure about a career in IT, mentoring provides space where you can experiment and make mistakes. Mentors encourage you to take chances and inspire you to be less afraid of failing.

Mentors are not here to solve problems, their role is to guide you to the solution - one that is right and suitable just for you. Whether you are considering a new career or seek a fresh perspective, mentoring is a way to get that crucial opinion and help you move forward. Get your IT mentor today and start your dream tech career now!

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