May 3, 2023

Mentoring for Women in Marketing

During the pandemic, many businesses have turned to digital tools to boost their marketing activities. Today’s customers are adapting to the online world and spend more time than ever on their devices. This is where marketers should be spending their time too. If you are still focusing on traditional marketing, now is the time to upskill and go digital, to reach customers who could buy your products or services if they see you online. If you thrive to become more competitive in the market, get an experienced marketing mentor to help you.

What is digital marketing? 

As a digital marketer, you should be able to understand analytics, so you can evaluate and optimize your digital campaigns. These campaigns can vary from setting up social media, to advertising articles you have written (content marketing), to running paid ads to ensure your potential customers see you on Google while searching for related topics. There is a wide range of marketing activities you can run digitally - and the beauty is that you can measure them and attribute your revenues to the right channel, to see where you’re getting the best return on your investment (ROI).

If you are not confident with numbers or familiar with various analytical tools, finding a mentor with relevant experience in the digital marketing sphere can help you overcome challenges. The Femme Palette mentors are happy to share their experiences and discuss their learning in the digital world. They can show you how to efficiently analyze your efforts and measure the impact of various online marketing campaigns. As such, you will be able to quantify your reach and show to your client how effective various digital tools and techniques are. 

In digital marketing, no two days are the same. One day, an online marketer might be planning an advertising campaign, the next, s/he will be designing social media content. Online marketing is extremely versatile and can be applied to almost any type of industry. This ensures that a good marketer is never out of a job. However, digital marketing requires a broad range of skills and abilities - from copywriting to graphic design. But nobody knows it all. Therefore, if you cannot decide how to get started in the world of digital, talk to someone from the industry, explore your options, and identify where your talent lies before you switch.  

How to succeed in digital marketing? 

Digital marketing is primarily about numbers. Once you learn to understand them, you can decide which areas to focus on and why. If you are unclear about how to measure the impact of individual campaigns, get a professional marketing mentor to help you. Similarly, if you are still focusing on traditional marketing, discussing the possibilities of online marketing with someone who has worked in the industry for many years might help you decide whether you should transition and why. 

Mentoring also creates a productive environment for discussion and brainstorming of new ideas. Afterward, a digital marketing mentor can help you decide which strategy is worth implementing and how. Staying committed in the long run can be a challenge and that is why, together with a mentor who holds you accountable, you must define expectations and identify motivations to be able to stay focused on your goal in the long term. Put simply, a professional mentor is your safety net and your source of inspiration. 

How can a marketing mentor help you? 

The marketing profession attracts people from across industries - in the case of the Femme Palette mentors, the spectrum ranges from digital solutions (e.g. Aneta Klimova, Chief Marketing Officer at Spaceti) to fashion tech (Marcela Krzemien, Head of Marketing at GLAMI) to beauty (Jana Hanckova, Senior Marketing Manager at Dermacol). Therefore, you can become a marketing manager in the industry that most resonates with you and keep progressing within it, or learn and potentially transition to a different area that attracts you. 

According to the Femme Palette mentee, Aneta Bublova, Head of the department of communication at SAKO Brno, mentoring has helped her ‘realize important milestones and values [...] to set out goals and vision that really matter.’ Similarly, the mentor of Denisa Zidekova, Brand manager for Central Europe in Mars, was ‘open to share his expertise and he encouraged [her] to learn new skills in digital marketing.’ If you want to hear more about the experience of marketing mentees, join our community, or become a mentee yourself. 

What is crucial when it comes to a job that never sleeps is to keep progressing, and evolving. A mentor will hold you accountable, help you develop the best possible ideas and elevate your digital marketing career. Whether you are starting as a marketer or want to progress within your current job, talk to us, and see how we can help you become a professional marketer of today.

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