Mentoring in HR: Meet HR experts from our mentor community

Written by
Femme Palette
Published on
November 1, 2023

Would you like to grow professionally in the field of HR by working with a mentor? Our HR mentors help their mentees advance in their HR career. They support their mentees in breaking through into the HR industry, develop their stills and identify the resources they need to progress. 

With a global mentor community from different backgrounds, our mentors have different experiences to share with their mentees making every mentoring experience unique. To give you a glimpse of our diverse mentor community, we introduce to you some of our mentors in the field of HR.

Renata Fuksová

Talent Development Manager


Prague, Czechia

​Renata graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. She has more than 13 years of professional experience within EY. She has been the recruitment team leader for the last five years, responsible for the hiring process and employer branding strategy. Renata delivers specific soft skills training courses focusing on counsellor competencies. During her whole career, she has realized that, whatever your role, effective communication skills are absolutely crucial to success. Improving these skills is integral to all her coaching and mentoring conversations. She is a mom of two daughters. She loves learning about different ways of thinking and understanding things that happen to her. She is very grateful for who and where she is in life and tries to enjoy every moment.

Michelle Davies

VP People

one • fıve

London, England

Michelle is a passionate People & Operations leader with over ten years of international experience, helping businesses scale globally. Originally from Vancouver, she has worked with companies in FinTech, MarTech, Retail, Distribution, Brand ownership, and most recently in AgTech social enterprise, Wefarm.‍

Mauline Gowe

Global Consultant - Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Special Projects

International Rescue Committee


Mauline is a passionate, result-driven, strategic, hands-on HR leader and gender equality advocate skilled in partnering with executive teams to achieve global organizational and growth objectives. She is motivated and driven by the desire to impact people’s lives, connecting people and ideas and driving ideas with meaning and purpose. She is also driven by the desire to create inclusive workplaces where people are empowered and find meaning in their work. She continually advocates for professional and personal growth, values inclusion and stretches leaders and teams for a more significant result.

Renata Millerová

HR Director CZ, SK, PL, HR, SRB

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Brno Czechia

Renata is convinced that shared experience is the most impactful way of learning along with learning by doing. Seeing things from different angles and reevaluating her view with others in a safe environment helped her become better and wiser in life. Now, it is time to give more of myself while continuing to learn from others. She is an expert in HR, Comp&Ben and business partnering, looking for innovative solutions and striving for excellent company culture.

Zoobie Singh

Director, People & Culture

MBI Brands Inc.

Ontario, Canada

Zoobie is an accomplished HR partner, leader and advisor with global HR experience in building high-performing teams in Retail, Wellness, Agri-business and QSR sectors. She is committed to building and leading inclusive cultures based on data, excellence and results.

Kristina Sabakova

Head of People Experience & Branding


Brno, Czechia

Kristina has spent her whole career in HR, starting in a recruitment agency and moving in-house. She also has experience setting up employer branding functions, leading training & development teams, working on internal communication, recruitment and HR operations, and managing teams of different levels of seniority. Her passion is personal branding, which focuses on why it is essential and how to prepare and execute your strategy. She has a husband and two kids. She constantly strives for a healthy work-life balance in a two-career household. Sports, travelling and crocheting are significant elements of her life. 

Lenka Estevez

Global Human Resources Business Partner


Houston, Texas

Lenka is a seasoned Human Resources Services and Staffing professional who has worked in multiple industries and countries. She is skilled in Negotiation, HR Consulting, Executive Search, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Graduate Recruitment. Lenka has cooperated with global teams in several HR projects, including HR Digital Transformation. She enjoys networking, which she believes is the best way to grow in your career.

Petra Vahalová

Global Head of People


Brno, Czechia

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in people & culture functions, Petra has witnessed the winds of change, mastered various operating models, and honed her skills in business partnering, people operations, engagement, talent management, compensation, and workplace strategy. She empowers leaders to reach new heights while cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and unforgettable employee experiences. She is a proud mom and stands alongside an incredible partner and family who keeps her on her toes. She knows firsthand the art of juggling priorities and the power of sharing, listening, and exchanging knowledge.

Renata Mrazova

Group Chief People Officer

FNZ Group

Prague, Czechia

Renata is an experienced Business Leader with a strong passion for people. She has a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Renata is skilled in Strategy, Business Process, Leadership and Change, Negotiation, Business Planning, Analytical Skills, Insurance, and Banking.

Kristina Shershun

Talent Partner

Credo Ventures

Prague, Czechia

Kristina is a curious Sourcer and Talent Partner at Credo Ventures, helping portfolio startups with hiring and people operations. Her main area of expertise is talent sourcing and startup recruitment. Her great passion is recruitment operations, learning, and sharing my knowledge. She has a diverse recruiting background from agencies, startups, and a larger tech company, including setting up a sourcing function and managing a sourcing team. She is also a speaker (and has spoken at Sourcing Summit and Evolve Summit, to name a few) and a trainer for recruitment teams. She is interested in topics like recruitment automation, candidate experience, employer branding, introverts at the workplace, early-stage startup culture.

Are you looking for ways to advance in your HR career? Check out our HR Mentoring Program and get matched with your personal mentor from Femme Palette’s global community of professionals.

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