May 3, 2023

Why good leadership matters: 5 areas to master

We can all agree that good leadership is important. A good leader can make not only their whole team thrive, but also its individual members. Good leaders bring good results. They inspire others. But what is it exactly that makes good leadership so important? We took a closer look at five aspects of leadership and why they matter, including what you can do to improve in them and become a great leader yourself!

Leadership style

Understanding your leadership style and finding one that works best for you personally is key. People will generally want to follow someone who they know they can trust and rely on. Eliminating unpredictability and refining your own style will help boost this trust, thus improving communication, team dynamics and engagement. Working on your leadership style will also help you define your strengths, blind spots and identify areas for further improvement to become a truly great leader.

Authentic leadership

This is a style of leadership which emphasizes the leader’s transparency, genuineness and honesty. In authentic leadership, it’s being yourself that will help you acquire the skills needed to improve. Some research even shows that authentic leadership can contribute massively to employee satisfaction and workplace happiness. Therefore working on being a more authentic leader will contribute to improving these factors in your team.

Time management and work-life balance

Maintaining a healthy balance of work and personal life and managing your time effectively is something that almost everyone struggles with. But to be a good leader, you should be able to handle this issue with more ease than your colleagues. That way, you can not only lead by example, but also set realistic expectations for your team members. 


Confident leaders inspire others! Knowing your worth and projecting it in your leadership role will be a source of inspiration that not only your team members can look to, but also your peers, bosses, customers and people in your personal life. People also have a natural tendency to trust those who carry themselves confidently more. Know that you are competent and make sure others know this too! Working on your self-confidence is one of the best investments that you will thank yourself for throughout your life.

Team management and culture

Alright, so you have a great team of talented people to work with. But it doesn’t end there. It’s equally important to know how to manage them effectively, how to conduct productive meetings, establish a functional team dynamic and work on a culture of trust, mutual respect and great team work. We believe that this is best learned through observing and having conversations with successful and experienced leaders and absorbing their personal experiences from leading teams.

After delving deeper into why the aspects mentioned above matter in good leadership, it’s time to get to work! The Femme Palette Leadership program is a great hands-on experience which will allow to you spend 6 months being mentored by an experienced manager, to learn and share experiences in group sessions with other female leaders, participate in a specially designer leadership workshop and, on top of that, expand your contacts through exclusive 1:1 networking opportunities. The program covers both the aforementioned topics and your own personal needs - a perfect combination! If you’re looking to work on your leadership skills and become a truly great leader, join the program now!

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