January 17, 2023

Why you should be a part of the Femme Palette mentoring program

From giving necessary feedback to providing valuable social connections- a mentor can help you and your career advance in unforeseeable ways, and here’s how.

Femme Palette has created a mentoring program a six-month program that focuses on the professional and personal development of female professionals. Within these 6 months, you will get 12 hours of mentorship with bi-weekly 1 hour-long mentoring sessions which you can arrange in-person in Prague, Czech Republic or online. 

The categories in which we offer mentoring are the following: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Design, HR/Recruiting, IT/Tech, Soft-skills. Do you think you don’t fit any of these categories? You can still apply! Just use “others” as a category in the application.

In Femme Palette, when we match mentees with mentors, we’re aware of the goals you filled in the application and we’re trying to find mentors who are able to help you achieve the goals. Before matching, we consult with mentors to see if they feel confident about helping you with such goals. 

What will you be getting from the program? As a part of this program, you will receive a mentee guide with guidance on setting goals with the SMART framework, building a trusting relationship with your mentor and receiving and providing feedback. Besides that, you will be able to access 3 Femme Palette events taking part in Prague for free.

Are you wondering how can mentorship help you advance your career? There is plenty of benefits, but to name just a few: 

  • You will be receiving career advice from someone who has been in your situation before and can help you navigate better and think in new ways. 
  • By having more experience, your mentor can help you develop your knowledge and skills by sharing what she or he has already learned and applied.
  • Some of us struggle with being accountable to ourselves. Your mentor will be there to make sure you stay on the right path and gradually improve.
  • Since your mentor navigates in similar professional circles, she or he can help you grow your professional network by introducing you to new relevant connections.

Do you feel like taking the next step to advancing your career? Apply here! Is there something more you’d like to know about the program? You can always find more information here or email us at!

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