February 23, 2023

12 Ways to Ace a Zoom Job Interview

One of the unexpected phenomena of the pandemic is that regardless of the economic and health crisis, many employees quit their jobs in the search of another one. With so much time on hand, more and more people had time to reflect on their careers and what they wanted from it.  What became part of the norm is that all the in-person interviews were indeed conducted through zoom which brought the challenge of learning the proper zoom job interviews etiquette. 

But fear not, here are some steps to conduct an excellent zoom job interview and land the job of your dreams!

1. Be prepared- First things first, come prepared as if you were going for an in-person job interview. Learn about the job description inside out, do company research, and learn about the company's culture as much as you can. Just because you are being interviewed on zoom doesn't mean you won't be asked any questions about the role and the company you are applying for.

2. Have a backup plan - Give your phone number in case something gets disconnected. Probably a situation that may happen 1 out of 100 is that in case something gets disconnected, you want to make sure your interviewers have your phone numbers to reach you back #bettersafethansorry.

3. Use your computer and turn off all your notifications- Use actual devices like your computer instead of your phone to conduct your job interviews. It seems obvious, but holding your phone throughout the interview while you are probably getting ten thousand notifications and the phone is constantly vibrating, it is better to rely on more professional and steady equipment like your pc. Just remember to turn off the notifications on your computer before going to the interviews.

4. Use natural lighting-  There is nothing better than natural lighting. Be near a big window and if that is not possible, use lamps or invest in ring lights. 

5. Smile!- During zoom interview meetings, one of the biggest challenges is the inability to show your body language, so all you have are your smile and voice. Make sure to use your expression, vocal tone, and vocal variety to convey your positivity and enthusiasm. And don't forget to smile because that's all they can see. 

6. Keep a water bottle next to you in case you feel dehydrated 

7. Be engaged, positive, and energetic- Show your enthusiasm, and your good energy. Deal with the nervousness before with some yoga or power poses and step into the interview with a boost of confidence.

8. Test your audio, video equipment, and internet connection - In a virtual world, technical issues are bound to happen. Whether you use Zoom, Skype, or any other platform, you will be provided with the zoom links by the recruiter before your interviews. Test the links and the audios in advance to make sure everything is working properly. If needed, download the software couple of days before the interviews and familiarize yourself with them. Do not do the mistake of downloading the apps 10 minutes before where you realize that you have no clue on how they function.

9. Be aware of your background - What do you want the interviewers to see and what don't you want them to see? When you are having a job interview, choose a noise-free room, one that has a neutral background. Luckily, zoom has the option to blur your background and make it more professional. Ensure to tell everyone in your households that you are doing an interview and to avoid distributing you.

10. Look into the camera while speaking. Like you would do in real life, you want to make direct eye contact with your interviewers. Look at the camera of your screen, not down, not on the side, but directly at it.

11. Dress to impress and not to depress- It doesn't matter that with the world being virtual and everyone working from home in our PJs and sweatpants, that you should show up in a job interview in those attires. Wear a nice top if you are a woman or a shirt with a tie if you are a man to make yourself presentable as if you were going to an actual interview in the office.

12. Do not end the interview without asking questions! Be curious, and ask questions. Do your research before on the company, the role, and make sure to ask questions in case you have doubts about something. Keep a pen and a paper with you in case something was brought up during the interview conversation you were having and you want to later go back at it. Show that you are interested in asking questions. 

Job interviews are like a two-way street. Like every relationship, they go both ways. Your potential employer needs to like you need to like them. Job interviews should be really a conversation and not an interrogatory. Regardless of the situation, do not get intimated and always ask questions that could emerge from the conversations you are having with the interviewers. Be prepared for any behavioral and situational questions and think of the interview as a moment for you to shine and to show them you are a valuable asset to the company.

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