February 23, 2023

5 benefits of coworking spaces

Whether you are freelancing, starting a business, or running an SME (small to medium enterprise), you have probably considered coworking before. You get access to office facilities, meeting rooms, and networking events without having to worry about the daily operations of an office. Together with Worklounge, office rentals and coworking in Prague, our Femme Palette team created a list of the greatest benefits of using a coworking space. 

1. Flexibility

From hotdesk to a dedicated workspace to a private office. In a flexible workspace, everyone can find the ideal fit. Are you starting a business? Get a shared office. Are you working independently or for an international company based abroad? Get a private desk. Are you looking for an office to accommodate your team but are unsure about the day-to-day running of an office? Get a private workspace in a coworking hub. Alongside versatility, for example, Worklounge offers a one-month notice period, so if you are not satisfied with your choice, you can easily switch or leave. 

2. Networking

Many successful entrepreneurs and business people confirm that your network determines your success. Therefore, sitting in a cafe all day long or being isolated in your corporate office might not be the best way to kickstart your career. If you want to progress professionally, get together your courage, business cards, and conversational skills, and get sociable! Many coworking spaces offer regular networking events where attendees are encouraged to exchange ideas and get to know each other better. Furthermore, if you are new to the Czech Republic, these meetings are the best way to meet new people and build crucial relationships. 

3. Comfort & professionalism  

If you work independently, you might seek a representative space to organize events, run important meetings, or arrange interviews in. Serviced office spaces allow you to rent out individual meeting rooms where you can welcome clients and discuss important business matters. It is convenient for example for those working in HR, freelance personalists, who can conduct their interviews here, or for lawyers to meet their clients over coffee, without the background noise. 

4. Economy

Imagine spending a whole day in a cafe. You will probably purchase at least three drinks, get some lunch, sit on a wonky chair, which will give you back pain, and feel guilty for taking up space during rush hour. Alongside your wallet, your productivity will also struggle, and you will end up looking for something more sustainable and convenient in the long term. Now, imagine having a dedicated workspace with a desk, a good quality chair and an access to printing, meeting rooms, and (unlimited!) drinks. The choice seems obvious, right? At Worklounge, the daily rate is 330 CZK (without VAT) which you can use multiple times throughout the month, or get unlimited access with a membership, which guarantees an even cheaper rate. Coworking will get you out of your social bubble and allow you to work differently, dare I say, better. And on top of that, you save money on coffee. ;-) 

5. Diversity

Coworking is also fun. Not only will you meet new and interesting people, but you will also gain the advantage of changing your work environments throughout the day. From a sofa in a lounge to a rail chair in an office to a cafe set-up for a quick coffee break. If you don’t work for Facebook or Google (and are based neither in London nor Silicon Valley), you will hardly get this variety at your work. Therefore, whether you want to impress your clients or need to jazz up your workspace to remain productive, check out your local coworking spaces and experience it for yourself. Many places offer a one day free trial, so you have nothing to lose. 


Whether you are looking for an alternative to spending all day at a cafe, or you want to kickstart your business but are unsure about getting a private office, try coworking and decide whether it suits you or not. From Karlin to Kladruby, you can find flexible shared offices across the country and it is only up to you and your personal preferences what suits you best. 

Spoiler alert: Once you try coworking, you might never want to work anywhere else! 



  • Flexibility : hotdesking, dedicated workspace, shared or private office. 
  • Networking: potential collaborators, new business opportunities, social contact for those working for an international company and are new to the Czech Republic.  
  • Comfort & professionality: meeting and event rooms, e.g. representative and practical environment for HR people and personalists to have their interviews in.
  • Economy: e.g. Worklounge day rate: 330,- per day incl. access to printers, meeting rooms, events, drinks etc. as opposed to spending around 500,- isolated in a cafe. 
  • Diversity: a variety of working environments - lounge, work desk, office space. 

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