Jul 8, 2022

5 Tips on how to show appreciation to your team

Over 80% of employees work better when their boss shows them appreciation (as found by Glassdoor). According to Maslow’s hierarchy, being recognized and appreciated is a fundamental human need. Therefore, if you want to become a strong leader and motivate others to perform better, it is time to learn how to show your team you appreciate their work.

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1. Say thank you

Verbally or in writing. Saying thank you takes a few seconds to put in words, and yet it can massively impact the employee’s performance. If your team member has done something right, share their results with the team in your group chat to also motivate others, or message them directly to thank them for their effort.  

2. Give rewards

Once you get to know your employees well, you can give them a relevant gift card or a discount that you know they would utilize. If there are book lovers, ask them for their favorite book shops, get a discount on an online course for their self-development. We also received great feedback from our mentors, who have been gifting discount vouchers for our mentoring and leadership courses to their teams. You can buy your vouchers here.

3. Share responsibility

If you see potential in your team members, pay your respect by giving them more responsibility, assigning essential projects, or promoting them into a team lead to be reporting directly to you or to the boss (depending on the size of the company and your competencies). Allocating crucial tasks to the team members will make them more essential for the company and, as a result, boost their loyalty.

4. Be attentive

Check in with your team members regularly, and ask them what they want to achieve in the short-, mid-, and long term, which will ensure that the support you provide to them is relevant and linked closely to their dream and career aspiration. Also, it is essential to acknowledge employees’ opinions and incorporate them in every decision-making process. Only then will they feel encouraged to share their viewpoint.


5. Do it naturally

Don’t wait for the right occasion or a specific quarter to recognize the work of your team. If an employee does something right, tell them so immediately. Recognizing the hard work of your team will increase their dedication and devotion. Therefore, if you want to be a successful leader, your aim should be to build a strong team of loyal followers who will help you advocate your vision. And that can only be done with people who trust, appreciate, and believe in you. Be human, honest, relatable, and people will listen, support, and collaborate with you.  

To have our efforts recognized and appreciated by our peers is a natural human desire, as shown by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Therefore, a simple thank you can go a long way in boosting your team’s engagement and productivity.

If you want to become a great leader, don’t neglect the power of appreciation. Start practicing those five techniques in your team every day, and soon it will start bearing fruits. Gratitude will not only help your employees’ motivation but can have a significant impact on them beyond work. And what a better starting point for a great leadership than having a productive, creative, and motivated workforce?

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