February 23, 2023

Career swap: Is now the worst time for a new job?

Corona is finally slowing down but what about our career? Will we go back to normal or should we look for a new challenge? Are we better off with an employer or as self-employed? These are some of the questions you can hardly know the answer to, but there is someone who can broaden your outlook and help you gain new perspectives. A professional mentor. 

If you don’t work in the front line, you probably spent the past couple of weeks in the home office. This perhaps created some extra space for you to reflect and rethink your choices (or maybe not and that’s okay, too). But if you did spend the time you saved on commuting and meeting with friends thinking about your future, you might have realized that what you are doing might not necessarily be the right fit for you. And that’s scary! However, this can also be a great opportunity for you to boost your career and start something new. But how can you decide?  

Before you get job hunting or start drafting your business plan, talk to someone about your idea and what led you to it. It does not have to be a friend or a family member, quite the opposite, as those who know you well tend to tell you only the good things. And sometimes you need to hear the harsh truth to be able to move forward, and that’s what a mentor can give you. 

Find a professional mentor to share your story with and to discuss your options of sticking to the old or trying something new. In those cases, a good mentor helps you consider different perspectives and find new points of view. With him/her, you can also craft a strategy for your future personal and professional development to gain a clear idea of where you are heading. 

Most importantly, a professional mentor will hold you accountable. Therefore, you do not have to worry that your goal will never be met. Instead, together with a mentor, you meet regularly to discuss your achievements and drawbacks and constantly update your master plan. 

Once you decide on your self-development strategy, either with the help of your personal mentor, a colleague from work, a friend or a relative, go ahead and make the change happen. You can start with these three steps: 

  • Update your LinkedIn profile:
    Keep your work experience and skills up-to-date
  • Check out job boards:
    From to, be open to opportunities  
  • Network:
    Make new connections and strengthen the ones you already have 

You can do these in no particular order but make sure you are clear on your goal before you get started. Once again, a mentor can help you clarify your goals and get you excited. 

If you want to learn more about Job Search, check out our new video guide with Kristina Shershun, the business operations specialist at, and a Femme Palette mentor. 

Mentoring is a great way to gain access to people you would not otherwise meet. Your mentor can introduce you to people in the relevant industry and start new inspiring conversations. Similarly, you can search for potential employers or business partners via LinkedIn and seek a mutual connection that could make the introduction (learn how to network on LinkedIn here). 

In general, there are three rules which you can follow to ensure that if you do decide to go ahead and change jobs, you will be successful and have no regrets for making this step.

  • Be brave! 

Ask anyone you know for their opinion and to share their experiences. These will help you determine whether a career switch is right for you. 

  • Start new! 

Do not think of what you left behind, instead, think of the new beginnings. 

  • No regrets! 

Don’t be afraid of change and trust your instincts. It is all bloody worth it! 

Nobody can do it alone, as confirmed by Matej Krejci, the author of Digidetox, in our recent interview. The good thing is, that there is always someone to support you. And so, whether you want to change jobs or discover new challenges in your current workplace, a mentor can help you gain new perspectives and realize what you have been missing. Mentoring is the first step towards a successful future and it is only up to you whether you are ready for a change.

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