February 23, 2023

How to ensure you don’t burn out when in lockdown

The pandemic has brought many positive and negative changes around the world, one of them being lockdown. For many, the time of lockdown became a big challenge, within both personal and professional lives. 

Being locked in your apartment makes it hard for everyone – be it for people living alone, couples, or families. Everyone has their own challenge to overcome. 

How not to burn out while working from home? How to keep a balance between life and work when staying home for the whole day? Check out these useful tips on how to make your lockdown more pleasant and don’t burn out.

Start your morning with stretching, not laptop

As the working day begins, we all tend to think straight away about jobs and check our working emails right in bed. That’s the first sign that might bring you closer to burnout – and the first bad habit you need to get rid of.

Mornings can become quite a magical time for you, especially if you can manage to wake up a bit earlier. Take the change slowly and start getting up 5-10 minutes earlier, then gradually increase the difference. 

As a result, if you manage to get up one hour earlier than before – you’re getting one hour a day strictly for yourself. Don’t look at your phone, but instead light a candle, switch on some sounds of nature, take a stretch or do some yoga, and meditate if you wish so. 

Don’t rush, cook a tasty breakfast for yourself or your family, and slowly enjoy it. Don’t switch on TV with news, but better listen to some upbeat music. Make sure you’re free of any negative thoughts or emotions. Start your morning fresh, positive, and full of energy for the upcoming working day!

Separate your time with family from your work

One of the main reasons for burnout is an extensive workload. It’s easy to feel exhausted if working 24/7, without breaks, without recognition of the work you did, and avoiding any social contacts. 

Work is not everything we have in life – don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. No matter if you work in shifts or you have a flexible working time – remember when your work time ends and your family time starts. It’s important to switch off and start dedicating yourself to your partner or family. 

Have a talk with your partner, cook together a meal, play games with your kids, or call your grandma. If the lockdown rules allow – go out of the house and take a walk in the nearby park together with your partner or family. It’s essential to keep in touch with your loved ones, be it in person or on the call.

Write a list of things you want to do – and do it!

Another burnout signal comes in when you lose connection with yourself. It’s when the stress level keeps growing, and you feel more and more exhausted. Unfortunately, lockdown can get you in a burnout state faster, if you forget about yourself and your true needs.  

But how to prevent the burnout while being locked at home? The answer lies within yourself! 

Ask yourself, right now, what do you really want? Take a bath? Draw a picture? Cook a new recipe? Write it all down, and start implementing your wishes. If possible, don’t do it alone – call a friend (or friends) and organise together a Zoom drawing time or epic bake-off. 

Lockdown can be exhausting and lead to burnout, but there are ways to avoid it – pay attention to yourself, listen to your own needs, and stay in touch with your loved ones. This way you’ll avoid burning out and normal days will be back soon enough. Stay safe!

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