January 17, 2023

Interview questions to ask in 2022

Do you plan to apply for your dream job this year? Apart from preparing a CV and motivation letter and researching the company and its values, make sure to prepare questions you would ask a recruiter or a hiring manager. 

Questions are meant to be thoughtful and provide you with a better understanding of the company, on top of the information you could already find on the company's web pages. It's always a good sign when a candidate asks such a question showing their significant interest in the position. If you skip this part and tell them that everything is clear, it might warn them that you don't really care. So make sure to check out the top questions you should ask during a job interview in 2022.

Pandemic related questions

Pandemic has been with us for as long as two years now, and it's not possible to avoid this topic anymore – it has become our new reality. It has cut jobs, canceled office leases, changed company policies and everyday operations, implemented home office rules, and many more. 

That's why it's crucial to understand what the company you apply to had to overcome during those difficult times, whether it affected its work rules and gave its employees more flexibility or these were only short-term solutions that are not applicable anymore.

  • How did the pandemic affect your business? 
  • Did you have to change business priorities and work operations?
  • Were you forced to cut jobs, or did you apply other budget-saving methods?
  • What changes did you have to implement to keep work operations active?
  • As a new normal, are there any permanent work/operations changes applicable today?
  • What is the company’s take on hybrid work?
  • Does the company offer remote jobs as the new normal?
  • Did the business get back to pre-pandemic volumes, or is it still recovering? 
  • When do you foresee the full recovery?  

Wellbeing related questions

The pandemic indeed brought many challenges to businesses and their employees who were forced to stay at home. For many, it was a trigger to rethink their work-life balance, start caring about their emotional and physical health and spend more quality time with their friends and family. 

These changes motivated many companies to move away from the traditional 9 to 5 schedule, mandatory office visits, and strict productivity standards. Companies realized that employees should have more flexibility, making them more creative, motivated, and happy. If you look for a caring company that will respect your flexibility and wellbeing – make sure to ask relevant questions during the interview.  

  • What is the company home office policy? 
  • Does the company have a specific work schedule everyone should follow? 
  • Does the company support flexible start and finish of the workday? 
  • Does the company recognize the tenure of its employees?
  • Does the company expect its employees to work overtime?
  • Are there any activities organized within the company for the employees' wellbeing?  
  • Does the company offer psychological and/or coaching support to its employees? 

Diversity & Inclusion related questions

Another topic that becomes more and more usual to address is the company’s diversity and inclusion. Nowadays, employees want to work for a supportive company that encourages freedom of speech and freedom of being who you really are. Many companies offer D&I training and workshops to educate all employees and introduce support groups for those who would like to share their fears and feel supported. By asking questions related to D&I, you will show that you care about current times, and you need to work for a company advocating for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

  • Does the company support diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace?
  • How many nationals work at this company?
  • What is the men-to-women ratio in the company? 
  • Does the company offer D&I workshops to its employees?
  • Does the company provide support groups for minorities?
  • Has the company experienced any challenges due to a diverse workplace?
  • Is there a way to report it if someone says something racist, homophobic, or otherwise inappropriate?

Questions to avoid

Although it's tempting to ask more about vacation days, compensation, and benefits – better try not to. Usually, it will be considered as your motivation lies in all the company's benefits but not in the job itself. It might happen that the recruiter or hiring manager will brag about the benefits they have, but keep your interest until you get the final job offer. Once you get it – you're free to be picky, ask more about benefits, negotiate compensation, and your future development prospects.

  • What does this company do?
  • How soon could I apply for another job here?
  • When will I be up for promotion? Or when will I get a raise?
  • Can I take a vacation during the probation period? 
  • How long do I need to work here before taking a paid personal or sick day?
  • What is the worst thing about working here?
  • I don’t like Mac’s (or PC’s). Can I use a different kind of computer?
  • I don’t want a cubicle. Can I have an office with a window?

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