January 17, 2023

Quitting a job - how to know it's time to go

Quitting a job is never an easy decision and usually a really stressful one. In most cases, we are unsure whether we would make the right move and won't lose our status, connections, and a job that seems stable. However, many signals such as negativity, procrastination, or lack of opportunities should give us a clear understanding that it's time to move on. Let's dig deeper and study each reason in detail. 

You don’t have any more growth opportunities 

Life is about change. When we don't change or don't transform, we can't experience anything new and start to feel that we're getting stuck. Same with our jobs – when we don't have an opportunity to grow and challenge ourselves with new tasks, the job gets boring and doesn't motivate us anymore. 

If you understand that you have already moved through all possible positions, grew from a junior level up to a senior, became a manager, and still want to achieve more, but the company's structure doesn't allow you to do so – it's time to check out external opportunities. Other companies will be happy to have an ambitious colleague like yourself. 

You procrastinate more than actually work

Procrastination is not something only lazy people do. Usually, it's intelligent people who use their brains to find all possible activities instead of finishing what's important. When you procrastinate, you don't have the motivation to start or finish a pending task and instead do unrelated things. Same with a job that doesn't motivate you anymore – you surf the internet, look for a special emoji for your Slack status, or read through all Gmail settings. 

If you don't have a passion for your job anymore and a project that you could finish in one day takes you three, it's time to think about whether it makes sense to stay. Use procrastination time to your advantage – find a job that will motivate and excite you. 

You constantly take sick days 

Did you count how many sick days you took during the last year? If the number increases and you feel tired than ever before – the reason might be your work. The stress we experience at work can benefit us when we feel the adrenaline and get the energy to deliver the task in time. However, if the pressure becomes your daily routine, affecting your sleep and health condition, and you feel tense from morning till evening, your body signals that something needs to be changed. 

In case you struggle with your health – take some time off before actually changing the job. Give your body time to relax and restart properly. After you feel healthy and fresh again, get that new job which, hopefully, won't stress you anymore!

All your talk about the work and company is negative 

Do you often discuss your work, your colleagues, or the company's vision overall in a negative light? We are all people, and some situations can frustrate us more, and we can vent a bit. However, if your negative talk becomes a daily normal, this can signal that you don't have a healthy relationship with your work anymore. 

If you can't find anything positive in what your company does and you don't share its values anymore – it's time to move on. There's no point in letting negative vibes ruin your life. Better redirect this energy and find a new interesting challenge for yourself. 

Other companies try to recruit you 

When was the last time a recruiter reached out to you, offering an attractive job? If your answer is "recently," and the offers keep coming, that's a great time to think of quitting your current job and take an opportunity to start something new. Sometimes, while working for a long time in one company, we forget that ordinary skills we use daily in this job can be something special that other companies are looking for. 

If you get a call from a recruiter, don't be afraid to schedule an interview and ask about other company's offers and opportunities. It might happen this call will be the one moving your career to the next level. 

To summarise, quitting a job is not something negative these days. On the contrary, it's a positive factor – companies see that you understand what you want and have values you live by. Many companies admire people that are not afraid of new challenges and starting something new, so don't hesitate to take life into your hands and make that step!

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