Stories of professional women: Getting into marketing

Written by
Julia Gumeniuk
Published on
June 25, 2021

Are you wondering how to get into marketing and what skills should you develop to be successful in the area? In this edition of "Stories of professional women",  we've interviewed three marketing professionals who were pleased to share their career journeys with the Femme Palette community. 

This article features Květka Geršlová, Marketing Strategist at MoroSystems and Femme Palette mentor, Kateřina Tygl, founder of the 21-day program Marketingová výzva (Marketing Challenge) and Pavla Macečková, Marketing Manager at Worldee. Read on to learn how these women shaped their marketing career.

Květka Geršlová

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Květka Geršlová

Květka is Marketing Strategist at MoroSystems and Femme Palette mentor

In my position as Marketing Strategist at the software development company MoroSystems, I focus mainly on the employer branding strategy, which has now turned more towards B2B marketing communication.

My first real job was at the Swiss technology company. I supported the sales department and covered the execution of all B2B marketing activities, offline and online. I became more passionate about digital content creation, customer research, and online communication channels as a whole. During several years I was able to gain experience in all of these fields working as in-house Marketing Head of startup projects as well as the agency's Account Manager for corporate clients. 

To succeed in the position, I started developing my passion for communication, writing and editing skills, strategic and analytical thinking. I had to learn all the hard skills to be able to understand digital marketing channels and analytical tools. I learned how to conduct marketing research, run testing, and apply UX principles. 

I was lucky enough to work alongside experienced specialists. They taught me about Google and Facebook performance campaigns, creating UX and graphic design or setting up conversion tracking and website analytics, and I’m grateful for everything I learned from them.

I enjoy the creative process of building a multi-channel campaign from setting a goal at the beginning, conducting research, interviews, and brainstorming, designing, and testing the concept to the very execution and reporting. It's great to see that the energy invested in the ideation process, and research at the beginning brings good results at the end. 

Kateřina Tygl

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Kateřina Tygl

Kateřina is freelancer, founder of Marketing Challenge (Marketingová výzva) and community Women in business (Ženy v byznysu)

Currently, I am a freelancer. I specialize in online projects and digital marketing. I have my own 21-day online mastermind program called Marketingová výzva, where I show people how to think about marketing by giving them various tasks and personal feedback. I am also a founder of the community Ženy v byznysu (Women in business), where I organize a conference with my colleague Alena Barnová. 

I have worked in the marketing department for companies like L'Oréal, a software company Digimind based in Paris, France or a big media house in the Czech Republic. I used to have my own business too. I co-founded a digital agency where I stayed for 2,5 years in a leading position. 

I would say I am a proactive person. If I see something I can learn to make something better, I do it straight away. That is why I have a lot of hard technical skills. But what has also helped me are my presentation skills and a dose of courage, I would say. 

I have to give credit to the many great people I met in my career. In L'Oréal, I worked with a super talented and hard-working woman Barbora, who helped me succeed when I was a student. In Digimind, I was fortunate to work with two brilliant women and I also worked directly with the founders of the company who gave me the opportunity to see the business from inside, and they trusted me to let me try my own ideas. I learned a lot! I can recommend to everybody to work for a small or middle size company where you can try many different things. And a vast experience was entrepreneurship. I am grateful to my colleague, friend and a second co-founder Michal Hardyn who taught me loads! Currently, I have a mentor too, and I really recommend it to everybody. It is a person who can shift you, help you and listen to you. Thank you, Lenka.

My inspiration is people with great ideas I can see at the Czech market, as I watch the market trends. And what do I enjoy? How creative and varied this role is. I have a baby, and it is not easy to combine it with a regular job. The great thing about freelance is that I can choose whom to work with and when. 

Pavla Macečková

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Pavla Macečková

Pavla is Marketing Manager at Worldee

I have recently started working as a Marketing Manager at the travel-tech startup Worldee. It’s a digital travel journal – a place where travelers can keep their travel memories, share their experiences, and be inspired by others. 

I started my career in a large company in the HR department during my bachelor's degree. My first marketing-related job was in a tech startup, where I quickly became passionate about the digital world and mobile applications. The combination of marketing and technological interests brought me to the position of product marketing and ASO (App Store Optimization).

The position of marketing manager requires a good set of analytical skills, knowledge of digital tools, a sense of copywriting, and strategic management. During my studies of Business Management, I learned a lot about marketing research and strategic thinking, but only a little about digital marketing. Therefore, I took various courses and certifications, attended specific webinars, read a lot of related articles, and completed a specialized digital marketing course from Digisemestr, which had the greatest impact on my further specialization.

I took advice from my colleagues and superiors, learned from their experience, and listened to their opinions. I always try to be open to new ideas, different approaches and ask for advice from experienced professionals. Since I do not have a superior above me, I've been thinking a lot about finding a mentor. I believe mentoring can be very beneficial for both professional and personal development. 

I love seeing product development and being part of the team of fantastic people who are driven to take the product further. Each result, even a bad one, is valuable information for me and also an inspiration for the next step. I enjoy the diversity in my responsibilities - I enjoy data analysis as well as the creative side of being a marketer. What I appreciate the most is that I learn every day, and that there is absolutely no room for a stereotype. On top of that, I try to keep up with the newest trends.

Feeling inspired? According to ladies, it's essential to learn both soft and hard skills connected to the marketing area. And to succeed, you shouldn't forget about your passion and courage. Don't be scared to try out new things, talk to new people, present your ideas. These principles will help you get into marketing, or any other field you want to get into.

Are you thinking of getting support along your career journey? Check out the Femme Palette mentoring program in marketing and don't stop developing.

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