January 17, 2023

The power of visualization: How to achieve your goals?

In recent years, visualization has become very popular. It is often promoted by different celebrities, and people across a range of fields, along with journaling and goal setting. It is one of the fundamental parts of the new business mindset; however, this technique can be used in your personal life as well.

What exactly is visualization?

Creating mental images of a future event. Some might suggest it’s just daydreaming, but it is much more complex than that. This well-developed method is supported by scientific evidence and it helps people to achieve goals. To put it in layman’s terms, our brain interprets imagery the same way as real-life events. It sends a signal to the neurons to perform what was imagined, but the brain then doesn’t recognize if it actually happened.

How to do it?

There are two types of visualization: outcome visualization and process visualization. The former focuses on the detailed image of your desired outcome. It boosts your motivation, helps you feel excited, and have a clear idea of what you want. The latter focuses on all the steps on your journey. By breaking your long-term goal into smaller pieces, your dream will seem much more achievable. It will make you feel prepared and help you build confidence. Before beginning, you should create an environment that suits you. Some prefer complete quiet; others listen to music. The key is in detail! First, try to imagine as many details as possible, and note your feelings and emotions. Second, take that detailed image of your goals and break them into concrete steps.

There are a lot of different techniques you can use to work with the “data” you obtained by visualizing and tips on how to do it best.

1)     Write a lot of notes

It’s good if you let your mind wander and the actual process of visualizing isn’t constantly interrupted. But once you have a clear picture and ideas start to pop into your head, get it down on paper. Creating lists and making diagrams (or whatever helps you get organized) is a great way to stay on top of everything. Always go back to your notes after some time, reflect on them and note the changes in your goals that are bound to happen.

2)     Vision board

A vision board is a great tool for keeping your motivation and enthusiasm up. It’s basically a construction paper with different magazine cut-outs glued on it. Choose pictures and photographs related to your goals, add quotes, your own illustrations, and mottos, etc.

3)     Affirmations

Affirmations are short positive statements that are supposed to help you build confidence. Positivity can be taught, even though sometimes we might feel like it’s an impossible job. Saying positive things out loud or writing them down will slowly, but surely change your attitude. You can try to start your mornings with them!

4)     Cover all the bases

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Once you have some sort of plan in motion, it is good to think about different potential situations and options. It will help you stay flexible when you face challenges and be more open to possible prospects.  

5)     Inspiring people

Being surrounded by the right people is a big part of anyone’s success. The right people are those that inspire you, motivate you, those that are cheering you on and never judge you (but will give you constructive feedback).

Keep on visualizing!

It’s important to realize that the process of visualization doesn’t have to end. When you hit a bump (which is likely to happen at some point), it will help you keep calm and adjust to the new situation. That’s why it is beneficial to visualize routinely. Come back to it every now and then when you feel stressed or unmotivated, or when you are unsure about your next step.  

Visualization is not a guarantee of success. You still have to work hard to create a life that will make you happy. But it is a useful tool that will help you get there. As Gloria Steinem puts it: “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

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