Top 5 Benefits of Mentoring in the Workplace

Written by
Gabriela Dittrichova
Published on
August 16, 2022

Mentoring at work is becoming a popular company benefit. Instead of an on-site gym or unlimited drinks, mentoring can have a long-term impact on employees’ careers - be it the life of a mentor or a mentee. Read the five reasons why mentoring is crucial in every workplace. 


The most significant impact of mentoring on businesses is the boost in productivity. Having an experienced fellow professional to talk to can not only help the beginner employees discuss their fears and answer difficult questions, but also inspire the ‘newbie’ to thrive and constantly improve on the job. 

Professional mentoring programs, such as the Femme Palette’s mentoring program for businesses, guarantees that the mentors receive high-quality training and go through a selection process before they are matched with their mentee. Therefore, both sides receive the greatest possible benefit and can expect a significant impact on their career.


A mentor can be either a more senior member of the team or an external business professional. The advantage of an external person is that they can bring a new perspective and a broader spectrum of experience to the company. On top of that, external business mentors are trained and are thus guaranteed to deliver the best possible service. 

As a beginner employee, having a role model helps overcome initial obstacles and stay motivated in the long term. A mentor not only holds their charge accountable, but also shares their knowledge and experience from the field, but not necessarily the same company, which can enrich the mentee’s business and inspire them to bring new ideas to the board. 


Mentoring provides a chance to get to know other team members and get an in-depth understanding of the company’s culture. Mentoring facilitates open and honest conversations that pave the path for building strong and high-quality relationships with colleagues. A strong team performs better, is more productive, and less stressed (read more in Harvard Business Review). Therefore, running a mentoring program at work should be in the interest of every team leader, entrepreneur, and a business person.

Regular mentoring sessions also improve the ability to give and receive feedback. That is a crucial step in improving existing processes and introducing different new ways of solving problems and overcoming challenges. 

A valuable contribution of mentoring is also in understanding one’s responsibilities and learning on the job. As a beginner employee, speaking to someone more senior in their role can jumpstart one’s career and help them more quickly become a valuable asset to the team. 


Alongside higher productivity, mentoring also enables a smoother transfer of feedback - both giving and receiving. Mentoring encourages a healthy work culture where everyone is inspired to share their ideas and present their perspectives. It creates a more equal environment where workers feel valued, recognized, and appreciated for their efforts. 

For the company, a loyal and dedicated worker means a higher retention rate and fewer resources spent on training and recruitment. Mentoring also boosts satisfaction in the team and mutually inspires both the mentors and the mentees to thrive at work. 


Mentoring is a learning curve - not only for the mentee but also for the mentor. Mentors are business professionals who, through mentoring, have the chance to develop their leadership and communication skills. 

Mentor’s role is to hold their charge accountable whilst helping them achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. A successful mentor educates their mentee and can then become a great asset to the company.

Mentoring in the workplace not only inspires new employees to succeed in their job, but it also helps build great relationships in the team. It is a fantastic benefit every employer can offer to their employees with a high return on investment. Mentoring increases loyalty, dedication, and develops people’s strengths. Overall, business mentoring at work is a win-win situation for all! 

If you want to set up an external or internal mentoring program in your company, contact Femme Palette and let us create the ideal mentoring program for your workplace!

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