January 17, 2023

What I learnt in the Femme Palette Leadership Program

To be a great leader means to have a clear vision and follow through. The Femme Palette’s Leadership Program shows you how to leverage unique skills and empower teams. We asked three female participants to share what they learnt and how the 6-month program helped them become better leaders. From re-prioritising their values to working more closely with their teams, here is how the leadership program has benefited them and shaped their careers.

Olga Bures Vrbikova Leadership Program.jpg
Olga Bures Vrbikova

Olga Bures Vrbikova is the founder and CEO of Artspeak, PR agency and photography studio. She  joined the Leadership Program after having participated in the online community first. The program inspired her to organize workshops for her team, boosted her self-confidence and helped her reprioritise.

Could you give us a little introduction about who you are and what you do?

We provide local and international Media Relations, Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing consulting predominantly in the design, architecture and lifestyle industry. I have been working in the design scene for over ten years now and have experience with clients like PRECIOSA Lighting, Stradivari Design, Kavalierglass and many more. My current daily routine is a combination of press service, team leading and business development.

What inspired you to apply for the FP Leadership Program?

I joined the FP Facebook community first when I was looking for an international environment.  Having spent a couple of years between London and Prague, I found that their services match my needs and values perfectly – it’s smart, contemporary and easy to understand.

What were the biggest learnings from the program?

How many talented women with international overlaps we do not even know are around us! And how many times they have not been appreciated in their (not only working) environment. The biggest learning is that this country needs a lesson and I believe that Femme Palette is playing an important part in making it happen.

Leadership Guide Femme Palette.png

How did you implement the newly acquired skills in your career?

Externally, I started organizing workshops in my team focused on soft skills which were accepted very well. Internally, I finally managed to re-prioritize some of the values that were confusing me and had been reflecting on my behaviour. Most of them were linked with self-confidence, so I do believe confidence is one of the new ‘skills’ I implemented for sure.  

In your opinion, why are great leadership skills important in one’s career?  

I agree that human-oriented companies and environments are the future and we must consider them if we are serious with our careers and business plans. How can anyone make the team effective with no leadership skills development? People are a reflection of society and we all want to live in a better world and fulfill our life goals.

What was your experience with mentoring and what have you learnt from your mentor?

I have learned that it is always forward-moving to receive feedback from different people and be open to discussing ideas, even if I think my environment might be way too specific for the others. Interdisciplinary is extremely inspiring and necessary for personal and societal development.  

What are your plans for the future after you complete the program?

My plan is to keep on learning, keep my eyes and ears open until it makes me happy. In terms of Femme Palette, I am also considering the Mentoring programme for entrepreneurs.

One piece of advice you would give to someone considering to join the program?

The diversity of participants makes each of them unique. You always find someone to share something new with! Together with a number of seminars and mentor sessions you experience a fulfilling balance of giving and receiving, lots of inspiration and motivation.

Katerina Grebenova Leadership Program.jpg
Katerina Grebenova

Katerina Grebenova is the Head of HR at GuideVision. She particularly enjoyed the group interaction within the group of female participants, all of whom now became also her friends.

The possibility to participate in the Femme Palette Leadership program came just in time when I decided to move forward in my career. By all means, all the perks of this program (workshops with respected lecturers on topics that matter for leaders, our group discussions and precise match with my mentor) helped me navigate throughout my first months as a manager and a leader. Thanks to this program I have met a great group of likeminded ladies from diverse industries and functions. And what more, they are my friends now!’

Veronika Trifonova Leadership Program.jpeg
Veronika Trifonova

Veronika Trifonova is the Order Management Senior Teamlead Belgium at Anheuser-Busch InBev. The highlight of the program for her were the group discussions, mentoring and various events. She loved participating in a diverse and inspiring group of fellow female professionals.

‘The Leadership Program was an incredible opportunity combining a group of inspiring professionals seeking to be better, an amazing mentor I would have never met otherwise and coaches that were there to give us their best. It’s just a perfect mix of people, knowledge and events. I think the combination of all the factors made the program potent and impactful. Besides new knowledge and practical tools, I got to experience what it means to be a part of a community of other women-leaders. Even though we came from diverse professional backgrounds, we had much more in common than one could think at first. The ladies in my group were always present in the moment, curious, open-minded, supportive, honest and willing to do the work. You just can’t help but feel empowered and inspired when you are in a place with such a high concentration of like minded professionals who want to learn, grow and be better.’

Whether you want to learn how to inspire your team, become a great leaders or meet a group of like-minded professionals, you can join the Femme Palette Leadership Program now. Leadership is not about following others, but letting the crowd follow. Are you ready to take the lead?

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