January 17, 2023

Women resource groups – creating a community

Do you have a women resource group in your company? If not, now is a great time to establish one. Why is it important, and what are the benefits of women resource groups? Let’s find it out together.

What is a women resource group, and how does it work 

Every workspace needs its Employee Resource Group (ERG)  – a group that provides a safe environment for members who face similar challenges and want to develop together. Women resource group works similarly. Women get together, create a safe space for discussion, touch complex topics, and support each other. 

The group can be set differently – a company can create a community connecting members online, dedicate time for special events and meetups, and promote such groups between all company sites. The organisation can be flexible and depend on members of the community. Alternatively, it’s possible to give an ERG lead role to one of the members to keep the group active and engaged. 

Why do women need a resource group? Nowadays, even if we know about many issues happening at the workplace and all possible challenges – it’s still hard to cope with everything on your own without any support behind you. That’s the moment when women resource groups become relevant. The group allows its members to share their concerns and find support in the group safely. Additionally, the group helps its members to look into the future and become a better self every day. 

Ambassador program as a kick start of a women resource group

It might happen that the company won’t have the resources to establish a women resource group, won’t be able to overview its activities and manage group events. In case you have these limitations but still would like to organise a women resource group – check out the Femme Palette ambassador program where you get the support and guidance you need to start a Women Resource Group in your company.

The ambassador program can serve as an excellent start for any women resource group. It gives a chance to finally establish a community without thinking a lot of its structure and event outlines. Women get together to discuss relevant issues and find solutions, support each other, grow and develop. The main point is everyone feels like an actual part of the community – a part of the more significant, meaningful, and impactful force.

Femme Palette Ambassadors encourage their women colleagues 

This year, Femme Palette has kicked off an Ambassador Program that has a goal to promote women resource groups and engage women across many companies.

Gabriela Borutova, Ambassador at Red Hat, shared, “At Red Hat, we want to allow women to find their career path through the session we build into a journey from mentoring to deepen their knowledge of gender biases or thought leadership. It makes a lot of sense to show them how to find their purpose through connected topics wrapped into themes. Our program in Red Hat has a huge success, and the program resonates with our employees far beyond the Czech Republic.”

Teodora Stojšin, Ambassador at, added, “This program is such a refreshing and encouraging initiative for I can see that it inspires us, women, to be open and authentic, strive for more, and not give up on our journey. I think this is exactly what we needed in our community. While we are gathered around our sessions and having discussions in smaller groups, I have a feeling we all truly support each other, and I got to get closer to many women here!”

Klara Podpierova, Ambassador at Zentiva, summed up, “Company communities help create a sense of belonging and trust. Our women resource group is a wonderful way to allow everyone to share experiences, motivate and empower each other. After only a couple of sessions, we had connected and came up with new exciting initiatives.”

Do you want to establish a women resource group in your company? Check out the Ambassador Program in Femme Palette that will allow you to kick off a resource group in no time.

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