7 D&I companies that London women can reach out to

Diversity and inclusion is (or should be) one of the most burning topics in workplaces right now. Companies are realizing that representation is key for employee happiness, engagement and a sense of belonging. And while some employers are quickly and keenly adopting D&I measures and truly sticking to them, others aren’t quite getting there yet. 

Are you a female professional in London and feel that you could benefit from more D&I efforts? Here’s a list of 7 companies who are helping London women reach their full potential, achieve their goals and land their dream jobs.

Femme Palette

Femme Palette helps people, teams, and companies thrive through mentorship, a personalized approach to career development. The core of the Femme Palette mentoring program is a 1:1 personal and inclusive approach, since everyone is different and has different needs. 

The community is diverse and global- you can meet women of different cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds, from industries such as HR, marketing, design, IT, etc. 

Femme Palette offers a mentoring program in London for (not only) women looking to take their careers to the next level and offers a mentoring program for companies in London to help them with their D&I efforts.


WORK180 promotes organizational standards that raise the bar for women in the workplace, around the world. It does this by endorsing and supporting workplaces that are committed to gender equity, diversity, and inclusion, and making it easy for women to find fulfilling roles with them. It’s all about enabling workplaces to do better, while empowering women to expect better.

WORK180’s job ads will promote only companies truly committed to the careers of women. Their endorsement is a sought after seal of approval for job seekers. They also provide HR teams with the tools, insights, and expertise needed to gain buy-in and maintain momentum for their gender equity efforts.They support both employers and employees in making women’s careers a priority.

We Are The City

We Are The City is a self-proclaimed “little black book” for professional women in London, providing professional development, networking and lifestyle information. The community has over 120,000 professional female members and helps over 100 corporate companies to retain and develop their female talent.

They do this through a wide range of activities such as sharing news and events, promoting job opportunities and running their Careers Club which provides members access to online learning, resources, networking opportunities and skills-based events.

London Women’s Forum

London Women’s Forum  was founded in 2004 and is the network of choice for senior female leaders in London’s Financial Services, connecting and supporting members through inspirational events.

Sponsored by some of the world’s leading financial and professional services firms, London Women’s Forum is led by senior women for senior women.

They are uniquely placed to provide the support, pathways to professional and personal development and networking opportunities that members need.

London Women’s Forum is an exclusive destination for female Managing Directors, Partners and Executive Directors. It offers a nurturing environment that goes beyond the traditional networking activities of other organisations.


The Women’s Organisation

The Women’s Organisation helps women achieve their full personal, social and economic potential. They are the largest developer and deliverer of training and support aimed at women in the UK. Through different collaborations, they are able to work with women and communities from diverse backgrounds right across the world, helping them to tackle and solve the unique challenges they face.

They have supported over 60,000 women and helped to create more than 4,000 businesses. Currently, their work spans five complementary pillars: Employment, enterprise and well-being support; Business incubation; Programme management; Consultancy; Research and influence.

Women in Tech

Women in Tech is a site dedicated to women already in or looking to start their career in the IT and tech sector. The site is rich with career advice, latest tech news, employer profiles and a job search. Women in Tech has witnessed the huge demand for females in the tech sector as just 19% of those working in technology in the UK are female. Women in Tech’s aim is to highlight the benefits of working in tech for women and encourage women to join the sector. The site includes a case study section which shares the stories and career journeys of women in tech. The aim is to encourage females to start a career in the tech sector in order to close the increasing gender gap and show that IT and technology subjects aren’t just for men.

She Loves Data

She Loves Data is a non-profit social enterprise that inspires women to become active contributors to an increasingly data-driven world. They build communities where women from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn, connect and have fun!

They organise webinars and workshops that help women become data and digital literate, provide mentorship, soft skills development and networking opportunities. The team at She Loves Data believe that as the world’s most valuable resource is data, the future needs a data-literate and  diverse and inclusive workforce.

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