May 3, 2023

Tips for landing your dream job

Do you have a job you dream of? And what if you don’t and you just start a journey of self-discovering? Know that you’re not alone. Many more people start realizing that the job they do right now is not something they would like to continue doing for their whole life. But the question remains – how to find that dream job? It might be a bit more doable and realistic than you think; try to follow a couple of steps below. 

Realize what the dream job is

The first and the most crucial step is to realize what is the dream job. Think of all the images of the “dream job” you have in your head and try to imagine yourself at that place. Do you feel the excitement and endless joy? Or, maybe, you don’t feel anything? 

Sometimes our dreams end up as ideas of people surrounding us, social profiles we follow, opinions of our parents, or logical next steps in career ladders. But is it truly something you would dream of doing? If you feel this way – try to stop and take some time to discover yourself.

You can do the exploration alone by getting deep into your mind and realizing whether some set expectations don’t belong to you, or you can seek help from an experienced coach. In both cases, you’re doing it right as you’re getting a clear picture and moving closer to your dream!

Define your strengths

One of the most straightforward self-discovery exercises is to create a personal SWOT analysis. Think about what you’re already good at, where you can improve yourself, and what opportunities out there that can make you an even better professional. 

Try to base your dream job on your strengths. Even if you don’t have a field or company you’d like to work for yet, you can already identify a role you’ll be good at. For example, it can be a Sales Manager, a Creative Director, or a Team Leader. Now, it’s time to understand the perfect place to realize that position. 

Find a sector that inspires you 

A dream job doesn’t only represent a position you will do, but also an industry or company you will work for. Think of it as a mission – what field, sector, or company would you like to contribute to and make the life of its customers better?

Try to imagine yourself working in different sectors and companies out there. Do you feel proud? Would you be happy working there, even if the pay wouldn’t be the highest? Find a sector that inspires you and motivates you to work for, no matter the circumstances.

Network with minds alike

The name "dream job" is there because it's supposed to inspire and motivate you. And what can motivate and inspire more than talking to people who already take that position or work in that field. Moreover, such conversations can give you a better understanding of your dream, how to achieve what you want, and what steps to take. 

But where to find these inspiring people? Check out industry events and meetups, find groups and communities of professionals on social media, or don't be shy to approach someone via LinkedIn and invite them for a coffee. Don't be afraid to start a conversation, and you'll be surprised where these talks will take you!

Walk towards your dream – every day, step by step

At this point, you should have a dream job and the company or sector you want to work for. What now? It's time to transform this dream into reality. I don't like the word "dream" that much because it suggests something distant and unreal. Better, name it as a "dream job" goal. And to be sure you reach this goal, make a small step towards it every day. 

Take courses that will teach you more about the industry, network with professionals who already do this job, find a mentor, polish your CV and motivation letter. Be ready for any opportunity that might come your way. And don't give up. There's never an easy way to achieve your dream – it takes time and effort, but in the end – it's totally worth it! 

Do you want help identifying your dream job? Do you want someone to help you along the way? Then check out the Coaching and Mentoring Program by Femme Palette. A coach will help you analyze your personality and wishes, while a mentor will help you achieve goals to reach that dream job. Why waste your time at a job you hate if you can have a genuine dream job? 

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