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How to improve your financial wellness (takeaways from Fondee workshop)

Femme Palette recently co-organized a workshop on financial wellness run by Eva Hlavsova and Laureen Hollge from the online investment platform Fondee. During the workshop, many interesting insights were shared on the topics of women and finances, and how to achieve financial wellness, and so we decided to put together 5 steps shared by Fondee for improving your financial wellness.
Femme Palette
October 12, 2023

Starting Angel investing? This one's for you!

Here are a few simple tips on how to navigate the topic of angel investment as a beginner.
Zuzana Zamborska
October 12, 2023

The growing potential of NFTs

Try to open global newspapers without catching headlines about NFT and famous people buying them. ChangingTwitter profile pictures and IG pictures became a new measure of community status. You might be asking why. And can you join? Yes, you can!
Michaela Malatin
October 12, 2023