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From our community

Women empowering reads: Recommendations by Femme Palette members

At the end of January, I organized a book club for FP members in Prague. In the second half of the evening, everyone pitched in with their top book picks for empowering women. Originally, I thought we would vote and share only the most popular ones, but the night unfolded differently. What transpired was a vibrant exchange of ideas, demonstrating the importance of embracing different outlooks. It became clear that relying solely on the majority vote wouldn't capture the essence of the varied and empowering experiences shared. So, without further ado, explore below a kaleidoscopic list of books, each in its own way contributing to the empowerment of women.
Veronika Smrckova
October 12, 2023
From our community

"Smiles and Success: How Positive Psychology Supercharges Professional Coaching and Mentoring"

Let's go back in time a little bit. As a human race, we are historically hardwired to focus on the negative and threatening aspects of our lives rather than the positive ones. The rationale behind it is dated to ancient times and is fairly simple: in order to survive, we had to always keep an eye out for danger and maintain our guard. It was literally a matter of life and death. People who were more aware of the danger and focused on the negative things around them had a higher chance of surviving. Based on that, we can deduce that in order to switch the mind to positive thinking one should make some efforts.
Daryna Kosse
October 12, 2023
From our community

10 best practices for self-awareness and conscious storytelling

Nicole Adelman is an Intercultural Performance and Leadership Trainer, as well as a Femme Palette Mentor and Ambassador. Drawing from her 20+ years of experience in service and storytelling, Nicole shares her own journey and tips for becoming more self-aware and a conscious storyteller. Read more about the importance of storytelling, her personal journey, and her 10 best practices.
Nicole Adelman
October 12, 2023